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Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares: Reengaging Students through Relationship explores approaches to engaging young people in schooling through advocacy models of student support. In Australia, as in many nations, increasing social, cultural and linguistic diversity in school populations is producing complex challenges for education systems, schooling, teaching and learning. This book shares research informed insights into the multi-layered approaches required to support vulnerable students and sustain school-based mentoring programs.  This edited collection covers theoretical and empirical perspectives on student disengagement from schooling through these key ideas:

• The benefits of advocacy and mentoring programs on learning and school culture, particularly for students who are at risk of disconnection from learning.

• Transforming schooling from the bottom up, by listening to students, teachers and principals and supporting educators in the development of situated and dynamic conditions for learning, through school-university partnerships.

•   The centrality of positive, caring teacher – student relationships, foregrounding emotional connection as a key component of effective learning, derived from the person-centred theory articulated by Carl Rogers.

Written by a team of academics, teachers and school principals, Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares: Reengaging Students through Relationship is a valuable resource for teacher educators, principals, teachers, student welfare counsellors and counselling practitioners.

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