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Wireless Technology ebook

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Wireless Technology and handheld devices are dramatically changing the degrees of interaction throughout the world, further creating a ubiquitous network society. The emergence of advanced wireless telecommunication technologies and devices in today’s society has increased accuracy and access rate, all of which are increasingly essential as the volume of information handled by users expands at an accelerated pace. The requirement for mobility leads to increasing pressure for applications and wireless systems to revolve around the concept of continuous communication with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. With the Wireless Technology and devices come ?exibility in network design and quicker deployment time. Over the past decades, numerous wireless telecommu- cation topics have received increasing attention from industry professionals, a- demics, and government agencies. Among these topics are the wireless Internet; multimedia; 3G/4G wireless networks and systems; mobile and wireless network security; wireless network modeling, algorithms, and simulation; satellite based s- tems; 802.11x; RFID; and broadband wireless access.

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