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Unternehmensstrategie Ausbildungsqualität ebook

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How can small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) ensure and continuously improve the quality of their company-internal training? The volume is an introduction into the status quo of discourse about the attractiveness of vocational training and presents findings from the project "Training Quality in Berlin" (Berliner Ausbildungs-Qualität). Further initiatives provide more context for the promotion of company-internal vocational training in the federal state Berlin. Following a historical introduction of the topic, part one of the volume defines current expectations, problems and framework conditions for the retention of skilled workers and dual training. The second part presents various projects and initiatives in Berlin's metropolitan region. They all support companies in their efforts to make quality in company-internal training part of a basic design requirement. The volume concludes with a perspective statement and future forecast: Requirements for vocational training quality under the motto of "Economy 4.0".

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