The Salvia miltiorrhiza Genome -  - ebook

The Salvia miltiorrhiza Genome ebook

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This is the first book on the genome of Salvia miltiorrhiza, summarizing the research advances in the molecular mapping, whole genome sequencing, chloroplast and mitochondria genomes, epigenetics, transcriptomics and functional genomics of this emerging model plant with great economic and medicinal value. It also describes its distribution, taxonomy and morphology and provides useful information on its cultivation and breeding. Further, it highlights the biosynthetic pathways of tanshinones and phenolic acids – two main classes of bioactive components produced in this plant species – and reviews and discusses the technology of hairy root induction, tissue culture and genetic transformation of S. miltiorrhiza.

The book is a valuable resource for students, teachers and researchers in academia and industry interested in medicinal plants and pharmacy.

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