Smart Service Systems, Operations Management, and Analytics -  - ebook

Smart Service Systems, Operations Management, and Analytics ebook

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This volume offers state-of-the-art research in service science and its related research, education and practice areas. It showcases recent developments in smart service systems, operations management and analytics and their impact in complex service systems. The papers included in this volume highlight emerging technology and applications in fields including healthcare, energy, finance, information technology, transportation, sports, logistics, and public services. Regardless of size and service, a service organization is a service system. Because of the socio-technical nature of a service system, a systems approach must be adopted to design, develop, and deliver services, aimed at meeting end users‘ both utilitarian and socio-psychological needs. Effective understanding of service and service systems often requires combining multiple methods to consider how interactions of people, technology, organizations, and information create value under various conditions. 

The papers in this volume present methods to approach such technical challenges in service science and are based on top papers from the 2019 INFORMS International Conference on Service Science.

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