Short-Term Occupations in Paleolithic Archaeology -  - ebook

Short-Term Occupations in Paleolithic Archaeology ebook

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This edited book aims to provide a new perspective on the identification and interpretation of Short-Term Occupations in Paleolithic Archaeology.

The volume includes contributions with a particular focus on the definition and identification of short-term occupations in Paleolithic contexts, aiming to improve our current knowledge on the topic, both methodologically and interpretatively. The set of chapters coming from a broad spectrum of geographies and chronologies will contribute to the debate on the definition of short-term occupations but also to a better understanding on how past hunter-gatherers communities adapted and moved in different environmental contexts across time.

The in-depth examinations of short-term occupations in different chronologies and environments will shed light on an aspect of the behavioral trajectories of the human species in the management of the territory.

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