Qualifikation und Beruf in Deutschlands Regionen bis 2030 -  - darmowy ebook

Qualifikation und Beruf in Deutschlands Regionen bis 2030 ebook

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In this publication, both the modelling and the results of the first region-specific BIBB-IAB Qualifications and Occupational Field Projections are presented. Taking regional differences into account, the results of the third wave of the QuBe Project are differentiated in a hybrid model according to six regions. While the first contribution focuses on the development of labour market demand and supply according to qualifications and occupations (Zika et al.), the other contributions of this collected volume describe the underlying methodology and present for each region a detailed discussion of the results with respect to population developments by qualification (Hänisch/Kalinowski), labour market participation, occupational flexibility, commuter flows and potential volume of work (Maier et al.) and economic developments by economic sector and occupational field (Mönnig/Wolter).

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