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Plant-Parasitic Nematodes of Coffee ebook

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When I conceived this book, what I had in mind was what I did not know about coffee-parasitic nematodes (CPNs). Indeed, after reading many papers and several chapters in books, I felt far from having a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Not only would it be a daunting task to retrieve the numerous articles, reports, theses and dissertations on CPNs published since 1878, but it would also be impossible to learn, on my own, from all the enormous experience acquired by nematologists and coffee growers in so many countries. Therefore, this book is dedicated to those with restless minds, who want to know more about CPNs and their importance in coffee production worldwide. This book has been diligently written by top scientists in their areas of expertise or country, and it has been meticulously edited to guarantee precision without compromising an enjoyable read. I learned a lot from this book...I’m sure you will too. Finally, I’d like to thank Zuzana Bernhart from Springer, who believed in this project and decided to publish it; Susan Casement, who revised all chapters for grammatical correctness; and all the contributors, without whom this book would never have became a reality. Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil Ricardo M. Souza vii Contents Part I The Crop 1 Coffee: The Plant and its Cultivation............................. 3 Henrique D. Vieira 2 The Coffee Industry: History and Future Perspectives.............. 19 Denis O. Seudieu Part II The Root-Lesion Nematode, Pratylenchus spp.

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