Multiple Perspectives in Risk and Risk Management -  - ebook

Multiple Perspectives in Risk and Risk Management ebook

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This proceedings book presents a multidisciplinary perspective on risk and risk management. Featuring selected papers presented at the European Risk Research Network (ERRN) 8th European Risk Conference “Multiple Perspectives in Risk and Risk Management” held in Katowice, Poland, it explores topics such as risk management systems, risk behaviors, risk culture, big data and risk reporting and regulation. The contributors adopt a wide variety of theoretical approaches and either qualitative or quantitative methodologies. 

Contemporary companies operate in a highly dynamic environment, accompanied by the constant development of the information technology, making decision-making processes highly complex and increasing the risk related to company performance. The European Risk Research Network (ERRN) was established in 2006 with the aim of stimulating cross-disciplinary research in the area of risk management. The network includes academics and industry experts from the fields of accounting, auditing, financial economics and mathematical finance. To keep the network lively and fruitful, regular “European Risk Conferences” are organized to present papers from a broad spectrum of risk and risk management areas. 

Featuring contributions for Italy, South Africa, Germany and Poland, this proceedings book is a valuable reference resource for students, academics, and practitioners in risk and risk management

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