Migrantinnen und Migranten an Hochschulen -  - ebook

Migrantinnen und Migranten an Hochschulen ebook

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Germany is dependent on highly qualified migrant workers in order to maintain its economic competitive advantage. Foreign students at German universities in particular - which may be temporary or permanent migrants - represent a valuable resource in view of the foreseen lack of skilled workers. The volume discusses the question of how migrants can be won for the German third level education system and how they can be integrated into the German job market after graduation. The study describes the process from initial third level education enrolment right down to the job market integration and offers information about obstacles and migration law framework conditions. The data used in the study was collected within the scope of the sponsorship programme "Integration via Qualification" (Integration durch Qualifizierung - IQ) It was intended to close knowledge gaps and to provide action recommendations for federal ministries and institutions.

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