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Mediengestützte Fallarbeit ebook

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If theoretical knowledge and practical actions are not systematically related to each other, there is a danger that knowledge remains inactive and the capability for action unreflected. This is where the concept of media supported case management comes in. It uses authentic video cases that have carefully been edited for teaching purposes, integrates them into a computer assisted learning environment and in this way offers adaptable material for the development of competencies of teachers in adult education. The project " Kompetenzentwicklung von Lehrenden durch Mediengestützte Fallarbeit"(Competency development of teachers using media supported case management) was conducted by the University of Tuebingen in cooperation with the Federation for Catholic Adult Education and supported by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). Working closely with practicing experts, an innovative concept for continued education has been developed. In order to carry out basic research that takes its orientation from its users, examination was conducted of what acceptance and consequences the concept will face under ordinary conditions.

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