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Machining is one of the most important manufacturing processes. Parts manufactured by other processes often require further operations before the product is ready for application. “Machining: Fundamentals and Recent Advances” is divided into two parts. Part I explains the fundamentals of Machining, with special emphasis on three important aspects: mechanics of Machining, tools, and work-piece integrity. Part II is dedicated to recent advances in Machining, including: Machining of hard materials, Machining of metal matrix composites, drilling polymeric matrix composites, ecological Machining (minimal quantity of lubrication), high-speed Machining (sculptured surfaces), grinding technology and new grinding wheels, micro- and nano-Machining, non-traditional Machining processes, and intelligent Machining (computational methods and optimization). Advanced students, researchers and professionals interested or involved in modern manufacturing engineering will find the book a useful reference.

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