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Life-Threatening Rashes ebook

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This book is a visually focused and clinically relevant volume detailing pearls and practical points regarding acute Life-Threatening Rashes. Each chapter covers life-threatening causes of rash or their significant mimics, including Steven Johnson Syndrome, Kawasaki Disease, and HIV. The authors discuss the classic presentation of rashes along with associated symptoms. Additionally, they examine atypical presentations of the rash and key physical exam findings to confirm or exclude the life-threatening diagnosis. The chapters are highly visual with multiple color photos as well as tables to aid the clinician in differentiating between other mimicking conditions and causes of rashes. Coverage continues beyond diagnosis to include management and potential complications. Each chapter concludes with clinical pearls or take-away points that clinicians can easily memorize for quick decision making. This is an ideal reference for all clinicians who encounter patients with rashes, particularly emergency medicine providers.

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