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LernCafé - JobPate - Alpha-Team ebook

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Modern working life requires more and more competences from low-skilled workers. Life-long learning will become a necessity also for this group as for all others. This requires new learning and motivational concepts. GRAWiRA, a project launched in Hamburg, has developed various schemes that were tested in different areas of application. The book illustrates three successful ideas. The LearnCafé shows how learning can be encouraged in a setting where learning groups meet informally, in a room with pleasant atmosphere and where breaks are set by the group. The concept attracts adults from a lower educational background as well as young people with negative learning experiences. The second concept, that of JobMentors, uses experienced advisers who know how to foreground the positive life experiences and existing skills of the learners. This enables participants to assess their own competences. The concept of AlphaTeam involves the participants directly in the PR work for basic education. In this way they can motivate other potential learners while developing their own skills.

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