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Lernberatung und Diagnostik ebook

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Within the scope of the BMBF program Alphabund (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) new practical concepts for learning consultancy and diagnostics within the literacy campaigns were developed. At a first glance the areas learning consultancy and diagnostics appear contradictory: learning consultancy as a tool to help and support; diagnostics as a tool to test and select. This publication presents practical concepts for learning consultancy and diagnostics, on the basis of which both procedures may be combined to the ultimate goal of support. With the help of check lists and specific recommendations for action the reader may select or combine the personal, targeted learning consultancy concepts. The publication is specifically aimed at planners, consultants and course leaders working within the fields of literacy campaigns and basic education. The practical concepts for learning consultancy presented here are further aimed at all stakeholders within adult education/professional development. Language: German

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