Handbook of Vascular Biology Techniques -  - ebook

Handbook of Vascular Biology Techniques ebook

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A wide range of research methods for the study of vascular development, from basic laboratory protocols to advanced technologies used in clinical practice, are covered in this work. A range of methodologies such as molecular imaging platforms and signalling analysis, along with tumour models are collated here.

Four sections explore in vitro techniques, in vivo and ex vivo manipulations, imaging and histological analysis and other novel techniques in vascular biology. Readers will discover basic methodologies used for analysis of endothelial cell growth in vitro, including co-culture models of vessel formation. Authors also explore isolation and purification of cells and methods for analysis of data and visualization of localized vasculature with modern imaging platforms. Both animal models and human disease are covered in this work.

Each chapter contains helpful sections on trouble shooting, additional notes and links, supporting the reader to carry out protocols. This book will appeal to students, researchers and medical professionals working in all vascular-linked fields such as cardio- and cerebrovascular, cancer and dementia.

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