Geometric Methods in Physics XXXVI -  - ebook

Geometric Methods in Physics XXXVI ebook

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This book collects papers based on the XXXVI Białowieża Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, 2017. The Workshop, which attracts a community of experts active at the crossroads of mathematics and physics, represents a major annual event in the field. Based on presentations given at the Workshop, the papers gathered here are previously unpublished, at the cutting edge of current research, and primarily grounded in geometry and analysis, with applications to classical and quantum physics. In addition, a Special Session was dedicated to S. Twareque Ali, a distinguished mathematical physicist at Concordia University, Montreal, who passed away in January 2016.

For the past six years, the Białowieża Workshops have been complemented by a School on Geometry and Physics, comprising a series of advanced lectures for graduate students and early-career researchers. The extended abstracts of this year’s lecture series are also included here. The unique character of the Workshop-and-School series is due in part to the venue: a famous historical, cultural and environmental site in the Białowieża forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in eastern Poland. Lectures are given in the Nature and Forest Museum, and local traditions are interwoven with the scientific activities.

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