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Extreme Biomimetics ebook

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This book discusses the current direction of the research approach to Extreme Biomimetics through biological materials-inspired chemistry and its applications in modern technology and medicine. It  is a resource covering topics of extreme (psychrophilic and thermopilic) biomineralization, solvothermal and hydrothermal chemistry of metal oxides and nanostructured composites, and bioinspired materials science in a diverse areas. The authors review the current advances in the Extreme Biomimetics research field and describe various approaches introduced and explored by their respective laboratories.

• Details the basic principles of Extreme Biomimetics approach for design of new materials and applications;

• Includes numerous examples of the hierarchical organization of hydrothermally or psychrophilically obtained biocomposites, structural bioscaffolds, biosculpturing, biomimetism, and bioinspiration as tools for the design of innovative materials;

• Describes and details the principles of Extreme Biomimetics with respect to metallization of chemically and thermally stable biopolymers.

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