Ethisches Lernen in der allgemeinen Erwachsenenbildung -  - ebook

Ethisches Lernen in der allgemeinen Erwachsenenbildung ebook

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Adult education thrives on discussions and the debate on current affairs. Time and again moral issues are raised in seminars The Catholic Federal Association for Adult Education intends to strengthen ethical learning as a cross-sectional task of general adult educational programmes. The book gives examples of various teaching and learning settings in actual educational practice and works out situations where questions of ethics and morals may arise. It also presents a teaching concept for course instructors that will help them to achieve a professional structure and support for such learning processes. The Editors Helga Gisbertz, Project Director until 2009, is now departmental head at the VHS (Adult Education Centre) Viersen. Gerhard Kruip is Professor of Christian Anthropology and Social Ethics at the University of Mainz and Director of the Research Institute for Philosophy in Hanover whose service ended in July 2009. Markus Tolksdorf was in charge of the projects as national director of the KBE .( Federal Association for Adult Education) and presently is the head of the educational centre of the Akademie Schönbrunn, Dachau Markt Indersdorf.

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