Emerging Market Multinationals and Europe -  - ebook

Emerging Market Multinationals and Europe ebook

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Recently, there have been public concerns about the impact of emerging market multinationals. The expansion of China's multinationals to Europe and the Belt and Road Initiative is a prominent example that has kindled hope but also started to increase awareness of the long-term implications. Based on a systematic analysis of internationalization theories, the role of foreign direct investment and multinational companies combined with in-depth empirical research using case studies in Turkey, Russia, Latin America, Asia and Europe, this timely edited volume addresses opportunities and concerns related to this new trend. It also provides new insights that are highly relevant for scholars, policy makers, regional business agencies and students, as well as the public at large. By focusing on the (potential) impact of the expansion of emerging market multinationals on Europe and by including a long-term perspective, the book offers a fresh perspective on a highly controversial issue.

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