Der Blick auf Vater und Mutter -  - ebook

Der Blick auf Vater und Mutter ebook

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To date the research literature has devoted little space to how children see their parents. This volume turns that prevalent approach on its head: It is not the adults – primarily mothers and fathers – who provide information on how they experience the child and their relationship to the child. Rather, the important thing is the way in which children experience their mother and father and their relationship to them.The contributions in this volume cover a great expanse of different dimensions of this scenario, including the age and sex of the child as well as the direct or indirect ways of gauging the child´s perception. The methods range from prestructured quantitative investigations with open forms of questioning to qualitative studies, including psychotherapeutic case studies. Besides verbal expressions this volume also includes other means of expression such as drawings and dreams. It comprises empirical/social scientific studies as well as more practically oriented approaches.

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