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Black Phosphorus ebook

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This book exhibits novel semiconductor black phosphorous (BP) materials that are developed beyond other 2D materials (graphene and TMDs). It accurately reviews their manufacture strategies, properties, characterization techniques and different utilizations of BP-based materials. It clarifies all perspectives alongside down to earth applications which present a future direction in the biomedical, photo, environmental, energy, and other related fields. Hence, the sections accentuate the basic fundamentals, synthesis, properties, applications, state-of-the-art studies about the BP-based materials through detailed reviews. 

This book is the result of commitments by numerous experts in the field from various backgrounds and expertise. It will appeal to researchers, scientists and in addition understudies from various teaches, for example, semiconductor innovation, energy and environmental science. The book content incorporates industrial applications and fills the gap between the exploration works in the lab and viable applications in related ventures.

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