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This book covers the works of Bhāskara, in particular, his monumental treatise on astronomy, the  Siddhāntaśiromaṇi, his astronomical handbook, the  Karaṇakutūhala, and his two mathematical treatises, the  Līlavatī and the  Bījagaṇita, on arithmetic and algebra, respectively. It is a collection of selected papers presented at  Bhāskara 900, an international conference commemorate the 900th birth anniversary of the great Indian mathematician  BhāskarācāryaBhāskara-prabhā, the radiance of  Bhāskara, presents the Indian mathematical tradition and the place of  Bhāskara in it. The aim of this book is to instill a sense of pride in younger generations of one of their most celebrated thinkers, by sketching some details of his mathematical achievements and capturing their imagination through his poetic flair. It is intended to raise a greater awareness among students and teachers of India’s rich mathematical heritage. 

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