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Approximation and Computation ebook

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Approximation theory and numerical analysis are central to the creation of accurate computer simulations and mathematical models. Research in these areas can influence the computational techniques used in a variety of mathematical and computational sciences.

This collection of contributed chapters, dedicated to renowned mathematician Gradimir V. Milovanović, represent the recent work of experts in the fields of approximation theory and numerical analysis. These invited contributions describe new trends in these important areas of research including theoretic developments, new computational algorithms, and multidisciplinary applications.

Special features of this volume:

- Presents results and approximation methods in various computational settings including: polynomial and orthogonal systems, analytic functions, and differential equations.

- Provides a historical overview of approximation theory and many of its subdisciplines;

- Contains new results from diverse areas of research spanning mathematics, engineering, and the computational sciences.

"Approximation and Computation" is intended for mathematicians and researchers focusing on approximation theory and numerical analysis, but can also be a valuable resource to students and researchers in the computational and applied sciences.

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