A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tables -  - ebook

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tables ebook

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This book is devoted to the graphics of patient data: good graphs enabling straight¬forward and intuitive interpretation, efficient creation, and straightforward interpretation. We focus on easy access to graphics of patient data: the intention is to show a large variety of graphs for different phases of drug development, together with a description of what the graph shows, what type of data it uses, and what options there are. The main aim is to provide inspiration in form of a “graphics cookbook.” Many graphs provide creative ideas about what can be done. The book is not intended to be technical. It introduces general principles of good visualization to make readers understand the concepts, but the main focus is on the creativity and usefulness: readers are enabled to browse through the book to get ideas of how their own data can be analyzed graphically.

For additional information visit Editor’s companion website: http://www.elmo.ch/doc/life-science-graphics/

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