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Stochastic Dynamics Out of Equilibrium ebook

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Stemming from the IHP trimester "Stochastic Dynamics Out of Equilibrium", this collection of contributions focuses on aspects of nonequilibrium dynamics and its ongoing developments.

It is common practice in statistical mechanics to use models of large interacting assemblies governed by stochastic dynamics. In this context "equilibrium" is understood as stochastically (time) reversible dynamics with respect to a prescribed Gibbs measure. Nonequilibrium dynamics correspond on the other hand to irreversible evolutions, where fluxes appear in physical systems, and steady-state measures are unknown.

The trimester, held at the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) in Paris from April to July 2017,  comprised various events relating to three domains (i) transport in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics; (ii) the design of more efficient simulation methods; (iii) life sciences. It brought together physicists, mathematicians from many domains, computer scientists, as well as researchers working at the interface between biology, physics and mathematics.

The present volume is indispensable reading for researchers and Ph.D. students working in such areas.

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