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Savanna Woody Plants and Large Herbivores ebook

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Insights on current research and recent developments in understanding global savanna systems Increasingly recognized as synonymous with tropical grassy biomes, savannas are found in tropical and sub-tropical climates as well as warm, temperate regions of North America. Savanna Woody Plants and Large Herbivores examines the interactions between woody plants and browsing mammals in global savannas--focusing primarily on the C4 grassy ecosystems with woody components that constitute the majority of global savannas--and discusses contemporary savanna management models and applications. This much-needed addition to current research examines topics including the varying behavior of browsing mammals, the response to browsing by woody species, and the factors that inhibit forage intake. Contributions from an international team of active researchers and experts compare and contrast different savanna ecosystems, offering a global perspective on savanna functioning, the roles of soil and climate in resource availability and organism interaction, and the possible impacts of climate change across global savannas. * Fills a gap in literature on savanna management issues, including biodiversity conservation and animal production * Applies concepts developed in other biomes to future savanna research * Complements contemporary books on savanna or large herbivore ecology * Focuses on the woody component of savanna ecosystems and large herbivore interactions in savannas * Compares tree-mammal systems of savannas and other eco-systems of temperate and boreal regions * Provides numerous case studies of plant-mammal interactions from various savanna ecosystems Savanna Woody Plants and Large Herbivores is a valuable addition to those in fields such as ecology, wildlife and conservation biology, natural resource management, and environmental science.

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