Nonlinear and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics -  - ebook

Nonlinear and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics ebook

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This volume provides academic discussion on the theory and practice of mathematical analysis of Nonlinear and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics and their applications. From mathematical problem statement to numerical results, the featured articles provide a concise overview of comprehensive approaches to the solution of problems. Articles highlight the most recent research concerning reliable theoretical approaches and numerical techniques and cover a wide range of applications, including acoustics, electromagnetics, optics, medical imaging, and geophysics. The nonlinear and ill-posed nature of inverse problems and the challenges they present when developing new numerical methods are explained, and numerical verification of proposed new methods on simulated and experimental data is provided. 

Based on the special session of the same name at the 2017 Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, this book offers a platform for interaction between theoretical and practical researchers and between senior and incoming members in the field.

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