Heterogenität und Vielfalt in der beruflichen Bildung -  - ebook

Heterogenität und Vielfalt in der beruflichen Bildung ebook

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The anthology represents a summary of the model programme "New paths in dual training - heterogeneity as an opportunity to ensure the availability of skilled workers" (Neue Wege in der dualen Ausbildung - Heterogenität als Chance für die Fachkräftesicherung), which encompassed a total of 17 projects nationwide. The basic premise of all model projects is to shape vocational education offerings to suit the needs and abilities of adolescents, instead of formulating requirements that will not be met by all. This also includes the acceptance of heterogeneity as diversity that enriches and not hinders. The project reports document how the requirements for all parties in the dual training system change under this premise and how they can be realigned using innovative action approaches. The volume reflects the diverse experiences, concepts, action approaches and instruments used in this extensive, nationwide model project programme.

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