Gene and Cell Therapy: Biology and Applications -  - ebook

Gene and Cell Therapy: Biology and Applications ebook

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Recent advances in stem cell biology, nanotechnology and gene therapy have opened new avenues for therapeutics. The availability of molecular therapeutics that rely on the delivery of DNA, RNA or proteins, harnessing enhanced delivery with nanoparticles, and the regenerative potential of stem cells (adult, embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells) has had a tremendous impact on translational medicine. The chapters in this book cover a range of strategies for molecular and cellular therapies for human disease, their advantages, and central challenges to their widespread application. Potential solutions to these issues are also discussed in detail.  Further, the book addresses numerous advances in the field of molecular therapeutics that will be of interest to the general scientific community. Lastly, the book provides specific examples of disease conditions for which these strategies have been transferred to the clinic. As such, it will be extremely useful for all students, researchers and clinicians working in the field of translational medicine and molecular therapeutics.

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