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Functional Dyspepsia ebook

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The research and outcomes presented in this book gather evidence concerning both the pathogenesis and treatment of Functional Dyspepsia. It provides the latest information on this common non-organic disease, indicating its characteristic pathogenesis based on the brain-gut interaction and micro-environment and evidence gleaned from clinical treatment. Since the pathogenesis is associated with psychology, neurology, endocrinology and bacteriology in addition to gastroenterological physiology, it is often intractable and finding a suitable treatment rationale is challenging. Furthermore, the pathogenesis varies around the world and the efficacy of treatment using standard drugs varies among different populations worldwide; accordingly, this book highlights evidence gained in clinical trials in Japan.

Functional Dyspepsia is a milestone produced by respected experts. Addressing unique topics and new findings of treatment including challenging and/or future rationales, it offers an invaluable resource for general clinicians, gastroenterologists, and basic researchers alike. 

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