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"The research presented in this book provides analytical frameworks and case studies on engineering practices in education and professional work. The studies are inspired by practice theory as well as science and technology studies. The contributions demonstrate how these practices mutually dependent in co-construction processes in different domains of engineering. In order to demonstrate these essentially dynamic features, the empirical material is aimed at unravelling the interrelatedness of educational and work practices in engineering and analysing them as inherently situated in order to understand how Engineering Professionalism is produced. The studies are motivated by the following questions: 

How can we understand different engineering practices and how do they relate?
Which dimensions facilitate transitions between educational practices and work practices?
Where is Engineering Professionalism learned and the engineering ‘mindset’ constituted?
How does Engineering Professionalism change in response to societal challenges? 

The studies focus on the responses to societal challenges in education and professional work settings. The outcomes show how engineering has responded to challenges concerning environment, energy, sustainability, design, user interactions, community engagement and entrepreneurship. This has been done through the identification of codes of meaning and the institutions that frame the translation from challenges to professional responses. How these responses are performed within Engineering Professionalism is crucial for the societal role of engineering.
The concluding chapter synthesizes the answers to these questions and the lessons learned from attempts to develop engineering in the different settings studied. It highlights the linkages among them, drawing on findings and details from the individual chapters as well as the literature in which they are situated, showing how the different sites interact and produce specific representations and frameworks central to Engineering Professionalism."

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