Dynamical Systems in Theoretical Perspective -  - ebook

Dynamical Systems in Theoretical Perspective ebook

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This book focuses on theoretical aspects of dynamical systems in the broadest sense. It highlights novel and relevant results on mathematical and numerical problems that can be found in the fields of applied mathematics, physics, mechanics, engineering and the life sciences.

The book consists of contributed research chapters addressing a diverse range of problems. The issues discussed include (among others): numerical-analytical algorithms for nonlinear optimal control problems on a large time interval; gravity waves in a reservoir with an uneven bottom; value distribution and growth of solutions for certain Painlevé equations; optimal control of hybrid systems with sliding modes; a mathematical model of the two types of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia; non-conservative instability of cantilevered nanotubes using the Cell Discretization Method; dynamic analysis of a compliant tensegrity structure for use in a gripper application; and Jeffcott rotor bifurcation behavior using various models of hydrodynamic bearings.

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