Dynamical Systems in Applications -  - ebook

Dynamical Systems in Applications ebook

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The book is intended for all those who are interested in application problems related to dynamical systems. It provides an overview of recent findings on dynamical systems in the broadest sense. Divided into 46 contributed chapters, it addresses a diverse range of problems.

The issues discussed include: Finite Element Analysis of optomechatronic choppers with rotational shafts; computational based constrained dynamics generation for a model of a crane with compliant support; model of a kinetic energy recuperation system for city buses; energy accumulation in mechanical resonance; hysteretic properties of shell dampers; modeling a water hammer with quasi-steady and unsteady friction in viscoelastic conduits; application of time-frequency methods for the assessment of gas metal arc welding conditions; non-linear modeling of the human body’s dynamic load; experimental evaluation of mathematical and artificial neural network modeling for energy storage systems; interaction of bridge cables and wake in vortex-induced vibrations; and the Sommerfeld effect in a single DOF spring-mass-damper system with non-ideal excitation.

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