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"This book is about a vital aspect of healthcare; that is, how people collaborate. At the heart of this book is the RESPECT Model of Collaboration in healthcare produced during a doctoral research project. Following this research a number of practitioners have explored this model in their practice and they were invited to write up their experiences and insights in a number of chapters in this book.
The intended audience for this book includes healthcare practitioners, educators, managers and others with an interest in how people in healthcare collaborate. Readers will be invited to look at ways that this dynamic model can be utilised insightfully in their practice. 
In the RESPECT Model, collaboration is presented as:

R       Reflexive
E       Endeavours (in) 
S       Supportive
P       Practice (for)
E       Engaged
C       Centred-on-People
T       Teamwork.

There are four sections in the book:
Professional relationships
A study of collaboration in healthcare
Applying the RESPECT Model of Collaboration in healthcare practice
Educational applications of the RESPECT Model of Collaboration."

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