Algebra, Complex Analysis, and Pluripotential Theory -  - ebook

Algebra, Complex Analysis, and Pluripotential Theory ebook

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This book features papers presented during a special session on algebra, functional analysis, complex analysis, and pluripotential theory. Research articles focus on topics such as slow convergence, spectral expansion, holomorphic extension, m-subharmonic functions, pseudo-Galilean group, involutive algebra, Log-integrable measurable functions, Gibbs measures, harmonic and analytic functions, local automorphisms, Lie algebras, and Leibniz algebras. Many of the papers address the theory of harmonic functions, and the book includes a number of extensive survey papers. Graduate and researchers interested in functional analysis, complex analysis, operator algebras and non-associative algebras will find this book relevant to their studies.

The special session was part of the second USA-Uzbekistan Conference on Analysis and Mathematical Physics held on August 8-12, 2017 at Urgench State University (Uzbekistan). The conference encouraged communication and future collaboration among U.S. mathematicians and their counterparts in Uzbekistan and other countries. Main themes included algebra and functional analysis, dynamical systems, mathematical physics and partial differential equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics, and pluripotential theory. A number of significant, recently established results were disseminated at the conference’s scheduled plenary talks, while invited talks presented a broad spectrum of findings in several sessions. Based on a different session from the conference, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems is also published in the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics Series.

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