Advancements on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures -  - ebook

Advancements on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures ebook

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This book presents recent advances in the field of geomaterial and waste management. With high urbanization rates, advancement in technologies, and changes in consumer behavior, wastes generated through the daily activities of individuals and organizations pose many challenges in terms of their management. The studies presented in this book highlight attempts on the part of researchers and practitioners to address contemporary issues in geoenvironmental engineering such as the characterization of dredged sediments, geomaterials and waste, valorization of waste, sustainability in waste management, and various other geoenvironmental issues that are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world. The studies were selected from papers presented at the 5th GeoChina International Conference, Civil Infrastructures Confronting Severe Weathers and Climate Changes: From Failure to Sustainability, held in Hangzhou, China on July 23–25, 2018.

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