Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Królewna Śnieżka) English version - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm - ebook

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Królewna Śnieżka) English version ebook

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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A wise and beautiful queen has a daughter, but sadly dies soon afterwards. The king remarries but the stepmother is a cruel and vain woman. Snow White, so called because of her beauty, is soon lovelier than her stepmother. But the stepmother cannot accept a rival and orders that Snow White be taken from the palace and killed.

Managing to escape with her life, Snow White finds a cottage in the forest and ends up living with seven very unlikely housemates, seven dwarfs! Unfortunately the wicked stepmother has a talking mirror, which tells her that Snow White is still alive and still the most beautiful girl in the land.

The stepmother is furious and forms deadly plans to get rid of Snow White. But the seven dwarfs may have something to say about that!

In this new adaptation of the classic fairy tale, meet the seven dwarfs, Chief, Giggler, Dreamer, Echo and the remaining three, all named Hush! Will Snow White manage to avoid the evil machinations of her stepmother and how will the seven dwarfs save her?

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Snow was falling gently, tiny white feathers dropping silently out of a blue sky and powdering the ground. A wise and good queen sat by a window, and played on an ebony lute. Staring dreamily at the snow as if lost in its loveliness, she accidentally cut her finger on a string and three drops of blood fell to the ground, creating a wonderful contrast with the white blanket on which they now lay:

“I would so like to have a child, as white as snow, with a complexion beautiful like a rose and hair as black as ebony.”

Soon after, the queen gave birth to a baby girl. She was indeed white as snow, with a complexion red as a rose and with hair as black as ebony. She was called Snow White. But tragically, very soon after the birth the queen died.

After a year the king married a second time. His new wife was a beautiful lady, but proud, cruel and arrogant. She desired to be the most beautiful woman in the world and owned a magical mirror, a gift from a fairy, which could answer any question. Every morning as the queen combed herself, she would ask:

“Mirror, mirror tell me the truth, do you see before you beauty and youth?”

“The world offers no beauty to compare to yours.”

The queen was happy because she knew that the mirror could tell only the truth.

Meanwhile, Snow White grew older and became more beautiful with each passing day, and by the time she was twelve years old, she was beautiful as a bright spring day, even more beautiful than the queen!

One morning the queen stood before the mirror and asked:

“Mirror, mirror tell me the truth, do you see before you beauty and youth?”