The Manoel Theatre, one of Malta's most beloved and cherished theatres However, all of that is about to change when a group of young aspiring actors and actresses set up a new play. A murderer is amidst the group and everyone must find this murderer before opening night, otherwise... it will be the end of the Manoel Theatre for goodAnd what happened after the Manoel Theatre massacre? Was the murderer captured? Did the police manage to find any evidence? It's time to go back to the theatre...The culmination is about to begin

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Dylan Kassman

Murder at the Manoel Theatre: The Complete Bloody Collection

Includes Murder at the Manoel Theatre and The Culmination of the Manoel Theatre

BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Murder at the Manoel Theatre - Before you read...

MATURE CONTENT WARNING:This play contains scenes that involve mature themes which include sexual themes, language and violence. If you are easily offended or easily disturbed, please do not read this play.


This play is not intended for young audiences

Murder at the Manoel Theatre - Cast of Characters

Edward: The play's director


Martin: An actor


Jessica: An actress


Steven: An actor


Andrew: Sound and light operator


Tony: Theatre manager


Lucy: An actress


Melanie: An actress


Malcolm: An actor

Murder at the Manoel Theatre - Prologue

Complete darkness. Sound plays.


"A new production is in the works at the Manoel Theatre, experienced actors and actresses needed, for further details about the production and audition details including an audition pack, please contact our drama company through our e-mail address"

Murder at the Manoel Theatre - Scene One: Audition Day

Complete darkness


Edward: I wonder if anyone will come...


Fade in, we see the director and the theatre manager on a desk, waiting for potential actors and actresses


Tony: I sure bloody hope so, I'm losing money by the minute by keeping the Manoel open, plus I'm missing the F.A. Cup final!


Edward: It's not like your missing anything special, football is all the same


Tony: Piss off!


Edward: Well it's true, I mean, all you do is kick a hard ball to one another until someone hits it in the goal, what's the point in that!?


Tony: Football is an art!


Edward: It's a shitfest, that's what it is...


Tony: Fuck off!


A door opens, they both look in excitement, however, it's Andrew


Andrew: Hey guys, Burger King was full so I had to go to McDonalds, and with the amount of people there are in Valletta at this time, it's ridiculous!


Tony: Did you get me a McFlurry with Oreo?


Andrew: They didn't have, so I got you one with M&M's


Tony: Why do fast food restaurants never have the things you want?


Edward: I know, it's annoying!


Andrew: Anyone turn up?


Both: No


Andrew: Well, I think your production is down the drain


Tony: That's what I was telling-


Edward: It's not being cancelled! I spent too long writing it


Andrew: Yeah, like this one took...


Tony: Well, the way it's going, you would probably have to find a new venue, the company is up my ass asking when it's going to end


A door opens, a person enters


Tony: Um, can I help you?


Martin: Hi, I came for the audition, is it here or at the studio?


Tony and Edward look at each other, both happy


Tony: Yes, yes! This is the right place, can I have your name please?


Martin: Martin, my name is Martin


Tony; Well Martin, if you would just have a seat here, can you read the monologue that was provided to you with the audition pack please, and when you feel your ready, you may start


Martin: Um, what is this play about exactly?


Edward: It's a mixture of crime and horror. A detective is hired to find out the killer of many victims who were brutally murdered


Martin: Oh, so kind of like Jack the Ripper?


Edward: Yes, sort of...


A few minutes pass by


Martin: Okay, I think I'm ready


Tony: Okay, begin


Fade out. Fade back in, we see the director and manager satisfied and looking at some notes they've taken


Tony: I like this guy


Edward: Yes, he has a strong masculine body and is pretty good in his acting skills


Tony: Yes, and he starred as the lead role in Les Miserables


Edward: Okay, so now we have Martin, Steven, Malcolm and Lucy... we still need two more women


Tony: Well what about her?


Edward: No, she exaggerated too much, I think she's still an amateur


Tony: Now what about Jessica, I liked her!


Edward: Her acting skills? Or her large breasts?


Tony thinks


Tony: Breasts


Edward: (He giggles) Tony, we can't judge a woman based on her breast size or her ass


Tony: Oh, she had a nice ass!


Edward: TONY!


Tony: What? I am single ain't I?


Edward: Yes, but your judging a woman based on her sexual features, you remember that interesting discussion we had about judging woman and how-


Tony: Oh don't fucking start with that fucking discussion, man. All I did was rate a woman that I saw at a club in Paceville, nothing more... nothing less. Besides... she was so hot!


Edward: Are you the horny hyperactive teenager that I once knew or are you the civilized person that society expects you to be


Tony: Man, fuck society! I just say what I feel okay?


Edward: But apart from her bodily features, what about her character and most importantly, what about her acting skills?


Tony: Well... I guess your right


Edward: Well, what do you think?


Tony: She looks experienced