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Dylan Kassman

The Interactive Collection

Includes The Story of a Ball, named Ball and Blogger

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The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Before you read...


The Story of a Ball, named Ball deals with situations such as cancer and suicide. If you are easily affected whilst reading this short story, please contact your local support centre, charity or local doctor


Cancer can be cured if found quick, suicide is not the answer


This short story is dedicated to people who suffer/has suffered from cancer, their friends and families

The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Prologue

I am dying in this cruel world; all I want to do is see the world... one... last... time


It's very hard hitting, once you find out. But... why all that panic if you've only got a few years to die


It's a slow death, you start becoming weaker and weaker


My mother was in distraught when she found out, my father too... but he's that type, the type where you're a man and you shouldn't express your emotions. But I do hear him cry sometimes


This is my story, this is my journey. My journey to the end


The Story of a Ball, named Ball

The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Chapter One: The Start

I had to go through some rigorous chemo, I hate it, anti-cancer drugs are just the devil working inside of you


But before my chemo and even before my parents and I even found out, I felt changes in my body. I had very itchy skin, so much so that whenever I scratched, pieces of skin would fall off


"You're not eating enough dear?", mom used to say whenever she saw me half naked either from a warm shower or after swimming practice


"Of course I am mum!", I used to say, and I wasn't lying, I ate the same amount as my parents had and I used to steal a quick snack at night


Then my rib bones started to appear, I looked like a stray dog, left to rot outside the streets


"I think you need to see a doctor"

The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Chapter Two: Issues

"Ah good morning, please sit"


"Well what is it doctor?"


"I'm afraid to say... you're son has Hodgkin's lymphoma or Hodgkin's disease"


At that moment, my mother bursted into tears, and I just sat there, motionless, as if all the world just froze... my life wouldn't be the same again

The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Chapter Three: Anti-Drug

I missed a few days of school after the news, but instead of staying at home enjoying myself, I had to visit the hospital to undergo sever chemo


After a few times visiting the hospital, I was allowed to go back to school


I wasn't the most popular kid in school, nor was I the most ignored. My parents decided to tell the school of my problem but not to share it to anyone


But I could tell that my teachers were talking about me, every time I passed by some of my teachers that would put pity on me


Even in class they were treating me as if I were a God, asking me if I had any problems or if I needed something


My friends also treated me with a bit more respect. They would always ask me what game I would want to play


My bullies treated me the worst


"Ha ha, he's got cancer! He's gonna die!"


I just wanted to punch their ignorant faces down to the ground, but I did not have the strength

The Story of a Ball, named Ball - Chapter Four: Black Day

I could feel that my disease was getting to me, creeping down my body, weakening everything, showing signs of depletion