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The Stripper's Pocketbook ebook

Lars Mundi



This book is intended as a breath of fresh air for those who think your relationship needs something extra. It may be you have an acquaintance, a friend or girlfriend you think would like to have a fun experience. When you choose to do a strip show, always remember others' limits. That they must be respected, just as he or she must respect your boundaries. Whoever we are as a people, whether we are men or women, so we enjoy how others think of us and put us in the center of their lives. The same joy goes when we are talking about getting a strip show or doing one. I am about to make sure that the person you have chosen to get the experience to be in the center of this experience. People will love that is being done something extra for them as you give them this experience. My desire with this book is to give an insight into, what it means to be a stripper and what underlies into a strip show. It is not intended that you should throw yourself into this profession, but more as something to refresh your relationship with. And you'll even get experience of being the star of the evening with the magic associated with it.

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Chapter 1: The erotic universe!

Chapter 2: How to get started!

Chapter 3: I need a fantasy!

Chapter 4: Props and things, that can be used, in a strip show!

Chapter 5: How do I put a strip show together!

Chapter 6: To get in shape through exercise!

Chapter 7: My time as a stripper!

Chapter 8: What men do brazenly and what makes women smile!


This statement is for everyone who purchases or reviews this book. The author and publishers of this book will not be held responsible for any acts committed in lieu of this book. These acts were performed by a professional and you should not try these shows with unqualified professionals. Should you proceed to try this at home, we, the author and publishers will not be held accountable. The author and publishers of this book would like you to know that they will not be held responsible for you or your actions should you act or otherwise try anything suggested within this book.

There is a degree of nudity in the pictures within this book. These were pictures taken of a certified professional. The author and publishers do not condone your actions if you try something like this at home. We will not be held accountable to what you may think is cause for your inferior decisions from the reading of this book. Thank you.


This booklet is intended, as a breath of fresh air for those who think your relationship needs a little something extra.

Maybe one of your friends wants to have a few fun experiences. Again remember, if it is a friend, to be sure he or she knows their limits. You should respect theirs just as well as they should respect your boundaries. However, having said that, feel good with it. Remember, everyone loves surprises in life whether it is men or women.

We may enjoy that others have thought of us and put us in the limelight. It is the same way with stripping. Putting the person that you have selected for the job to get the experience. He or she would love this to be done for them and that you are someone who gives them this experience will make all the difference.

My desire with this book is not to teach you to go out into the world to become stripper and have it as a profession. However, I would like to give you an opportunity, to give a little extra into your relationship and, allow you to be the star for a night with the magic that comes with good feelings.

I myself have been a stripper and made myself in this world for 6 years by a number of different companies both here at home and also in Sweden. I have many experiences from that time. I sometimes get to thinking about these experiences and smile to myself.

I will later in the book tell a little of that time and share some of the experiences you can have. I hope you can get some enjoyment out of reading this and could use it for spicing up your life. I hope that you can give some joy to the partner you have. I hope you take this as fresh input, and it may well be you find out something you do not know or would like to try. I hope that you will like what you see and have a good reading.

Lars Rex Mundi


I welcome you to my book and although I am heterosexual, my desire with this book is to stimulate all sexes no matter what sexuality you may have. That you can and will make use of a few techniques, that are in this book to give pleasure to those as you choose to be part of your shows if only your partner. There is this magic moment that will give everybody this special moment and no one should judge you for that. I have chosen to shed some light on these areas that are part of the erotic universe that we all are part of in some way.

If you have a different sexuality than heterosexual, this book is going to fill you with inspiration and joy in your life. I can only rejoice at this. For me, it is not about what sexual orientation you are when you read this book. I hope you get out what was intended for you. For me there is no right or wrong sexuality between adults. As long as you are having fun and able to give yourself to your partner. Yes, I have achieved what I wanted with the book. Therefore, it is just for you, that I write the book for this reason.

Lars Rex Mundi

Chapter 1: The erotic universe!

The erotic universe is interesting and diverse in many ways. All people encounter this at some point in their adult life. It helps to enrich us as human beings whether we are men or whether we are women. The erotic universe also has some taboos associated with this which helps to create any myths that may have no basis in reality. Someone once said, “we keep ourselves as human beings just to find out whether there is anything in our prejudices.”

I found some prejudices when I worked as a stripper. Although we in Denmark (who are very liberal) feel very sexual. There are still some prejudices that still cling to people and their point of view. There may be many reasons why people do it that way, and maybe they do not do away with prejudices about other people.

I am an ordinary person who has taken a slightly different choice. For it was a completely different world to work in as a stripper. As I mentioned I was an ordinary person. I was a bit shy with the opposite sex, as so many other people are. I love to be social with my friends and share different experiences that are associated with having friends. Whatever it meant to hang out with my friends was many different things. I enjoy going out to eat, going to the movies and, going into the city. Yes, I play also role-play what are called pen and paper. It is a great way to be with others and solve problems that may arise in the game. Actually, I was an ordinary person who differed only by my little different industry as a stripper.

As I mentioned, the erotic universe has changed a great deal. Whatever one's sexuality might be and what you want in this universe. For there are many opportunities for you to explore and enrich yourselves and the person or persons you choose to be part of these experiences. There are many different forms of sexuality; the best known is heterosexual, as most people know. However, there are also bisexual, gay, transgender, pan sexual, or one of many other directions as may be in this universe. Then the experiences you grow enrich you as the person you are, as long as one chooses to have respect for both yourself and your partner.

A small part of the erotic universe and aspects of the erotic is actually, what I have written this book as a stripper. I hope you have done away with your own prejudices you might have about being a stripper. I will be happy if you choose to take some of the things I mention in your own way to create a little joy in your life both for yourself and for others who are in your life.

Denmark was one of the first countries in the world that released porn but also released the abortion. It is not that the two things go hand in hand with each other. This gave some debate between different groups and some of these groups perceived these things wrong and immoral in relation to the perception they have on this matter. It is really that many Danes have a relaxed attitude to nudity and is very open about talking about sexuality, and in many ways, it is one of the things, I do enjoy about living in a country like Denmark. Where it often seems that we must embark on what is perceived as taboo inside of the erotic universe between adult humans.

Although there is some sexuality I do understand, that there is a more natural relationship to it than that which hides it away. People do not want to talk about it or come into contact with it because they see it as something negative or banned. Although this openness on the field is not equal, we mean to be involved in these things. Nevertheless, that one is free to approach and talk about what are the motives of other people who perceive these things in a different way.

Chapter 2: How to get started!

It is always a big jump from talking about the idea to become a stripper and then to be in the limelight. How do you get involved? For there is not an easy way to do this. I will just try to see if I can make it possible for you to when to you take the plunge into it. Yes, it is easier to say than to do. However, that is how it is as with everything in life and very often we would like as a person, to have it all given without having to work for it. Yes, where it would be nice in every way if it were given that option. Again, reality is at any time a little hard and therefore easy to give up, for so many of us is that we are up and running with it, as it was the desire to start with.

The biggest obstacle that victims have with us as human beings is our inner voice. It always tells us something that is negative or otherwise to us that the person we have to give up what we have in mind. It may be a thought that we are too thick or not trained enough or do not have the correct form to get started stripping. However, it is not only at this point that the inner voice, makes us give up on the desire that we do have here in life. It could be to invite someone out when the fear comes in over and over. The inner voice interrupts our thoughts and gets us to abandon our desire.

I will try to give you some tips and some techniques that may help you to get on and get started, within this area and in other areas in life you can use them. For you are not only specific to this area. It is not only intended for this and you can use it for other areas of your life. So yes, I am just glad there is nothing better than people who are successful in life and it gives me an inner joy to hear or to experience this to some degree for some people to get success.

As Sun Tzu mentions in his book, ‘the art of war’. “So is the worst enemy of your enemy that can break you at any time.” I often find I am holding it all back to go out and do things. How often have I heard that if it were not because this, I would do or another form of apology that would keep you back to grip an experience or an opportunity to succeed in your life.