As God did to Mary, The Great Evil, enveloped himself into the main heroine's father's loins creating her. For a while it seems that she has to go on many journeys trying to find the meaning to her existence, only to find out it's all a lie. But will she finally reach the truth or will The Great Evil snuff out her lights?

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Charles Jackola, Jade Jackola

Jasmine's Everchanging Paths

Book 1 of The Journey of God's Sister

DEDICATED FIRST AND FORMOST TO MY LOVING HUSBAND Charles Jackola. To Annabelle, my stuffed Black Labrador, who even though she is a stuff animal has brought great joy to me and my husband but is lost to the stars. To Stephen King, in the hopes that when he sees this he’ll email me at [email protected], so we can discuss how best for him to write my horrifying life for it's even scarier than the one told within this book. I would like to thank Epiphany Library of Manhattan, NY where my mind became in labor with this story. Last, to any fans that I might have. I would like to thank Central Library of Brooklyn for allowing their computers to give patrons a long time on them. I would like to dedicate this also to a true and second fan known as Mo for being stubborn and encouraging me to take hand outs until my life can get back on track. Last, to my other stuff animals mainly, Spot who has always helped me to hit the right Target.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Prequel: Truth Comes to Light

It's February, 7, 1989, when a young woman walks down a street heading back to her home. The night was dark and very cold. She lived in the middle of some woods that is located fifteen miles outside Oymyakon, Russia. All of a sudden, she heard someone calling her name. She looks up and notices an attractive young man standing in front of her. The odd thing about him was that he was standing in the sky as if tether by never ending ropes. Ropes that are more than likely tied around the moon.

  The man was radiating with warmth so hot that it made the sun feel like Pluto. It took everything for The young woman to not sweat.  However, his warmth seemed almost deadly but not enough to harm her. The man was wearing a long black robe trimmed with flames. He swished his robe around himself making it look as though he was on fire as he glides towards her. She steps back, in fear, when he landed right in front of her. He was so close that her breasts felt like pancakes.

“Wh-wh-who are you?” She asked in fright. The man twisted making his robe transform into a red and black blazer, with a red shirt, and a black tie covered in flames.

“Sarah, I am Lucifer. I am here to ask you for a favor.” He chided with glee. Sarah started to worry that she was losing her mind.

“I’m sorry, but, God would not want me to help you.” Lucifer scoffed, “He doesn’t want anything to do with you.” Poor Sarah wasn’t the brightest person you would ever meet, so, she didn’t realized that the Devil was lying to her.

“I am a devoted and faithful Christian. Why would God not care about me?” She asked him. “It is very simple. You are marked by me.” Tears started to form in Sarah's eyes as she asks, “What do you mean marked?” Her whole body started to quake with fear and a little wet spot started to grow in her nether regions.

“I knew you would say that. Which is why I took the liberty of finding you a husband. He's my bastard of a son named Scott Elitus." Sarah scratched her head puzzled. "Why is he a bastard?" Sarah asked Lucifer with incredulous horror. "I raped his mother who was already married. I had just hoped that he was over the disobedient age of demon hood. I’m afraid he still refuses to trick people.”

After he said that a Harley Davidson came barreling down the road so fast that it looked like the motorcycle was on fire. As it got closer you could hear a Selena Gomez soundtrack coming out of the radio. The man got off of his bike and walked towards Lucifer. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a leather jacket and leather pants. He had on sunglasses that were so dark that you could’t even tell if he was looking at you. “Son, why are you wearing sunglasses at night?”

“They make me feel cool.” Scott replied with a chuckle.

“Take them off!” Lucifer exclaimed getting so angry that his hair turned into Orange flames. “Who is this fine woman?” Scott asked noticing Sarah as he acknowledged his father's command.

“Scott, this is Sarah. She is going to be your wife.” Scott looked at Sarah again, but this time with more respect. “Dad, what have I told you about hooking me up with chicks?” “I am Lucifer therefore I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I figured you of all people would realize that when I disobeyed your grandfather.”

“That’s not what God says.” Scott said which caused Sarah to snicker. She started to look at Scott as if she just witnessed the rebel within him. “How dare you say that filthy name around me! You know how I feel about my father banishing me! Jeez, for God’s sake!” Scott and Sarah broke out laughing which only angered Lucifer more.

After he calmed down Lucifer said, “Son, you don’t remember her, but Sarah is the girl that I brought to your home in the earth dimension and forced you to have sex with. Now she is pregnant with your child, a daughter whom I transformed to have an XY chromosome. That way when she is born she will resemble a boy.”

“So it was you who got me pregnant!” Sarah punched Scott playfully. “Look! It wasn’t my fault! My father made me! He has the power of controlling people’s bodies.” “Fine,” Sarah said while winking at him. “I want the two of you to raise your kid in Sarah's log cabin home.” Lucifer said missing the wink.

“Son, I want you to ruin that kid’s life. She is to be born only to be your slave. Do anything you want to her, but make it absolutely evil.” Lucifer believed that his son would listen to him, so without another word, he left in a cloud of dust which left his vessel lifeless.

Scott called the cops. “911, what’s your emergency?” The dispatch asked him. “My girlfriend and I were walking down the road when we came across a dead man.” “Sir, can you please describe what the victim is wearing?” “He’s wearing a red shirt with a smoky Grey blazer, a tie with flames on it, and a black pair of dress pants with red polished shoes.”

“Where is the deceased located?” She asked him. “The body is on the corner of Swivel Street and Oymyakon District Road.” “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stay near the victim until the authorities can arrive. They should be there any minute.”

“I’m sorry, madam. I can’t stay. I will be late for a business dinner.” The dispatch paused for a minute while typing something. “May I have your number that way if we find out anything else we can contact you.” “Yes, mam. I understand. My phone number is Four-Nine-Five, Three-Six-Four, Nine-Five-Two-Two.” He looked at Sarah and winked. She tilted her head quizzically like a confused dog. “Yes, mam. Thank, you.” He hung up the phone and hopped on his bike.

Sarah didn’t get on at first until he turned to her and said, “You can stay here if you want but you will have to explain to the cops why you happen to be near a dead body and I’m not there.” She realized that he was right and hopped onto the Bitch Seat of his Harley. They rode off towards the city that his father was talking about which was only two miles away from where they were. However, Scott had made too many turns and had gotten them lost.

“Why is your dad always set on world domination?” Sarah had asked Scott over the roar of the engine. His two helmets had built in headsets with microphones, that way whoever was riding with him could have a conversation with him, without having to yell. “He’s still pissed at God for banishing him to Hell.” Scott told her.

Sarah squeezed his stomach and says, “I’m hungry.” “Well, I saw a sign back there that said there is a diner, with gas, five miles ahead. I couldn’t get the name of it though, because, I’m going way too fast.” They traveled a few more miles down the road. By the time that ‘Hey, Jude’ by the Beatles came on the radio they had finally pulled into the diner next to a gas pump. When they got off the bike they saw the name of the diner and laughed. On the sign for the diner it said, ‘Devil’s Boy’. They entered the diner as a man went to Scott’s bike and gave it gas. “Table for two,” Scott told a waitress, who had popped out of nowhere. When they got to the booth and sat down Scott looked around and laughed at what he saw. He showed Sarah what had made him laugh. She laughed so hard that burning coke came out of her nose. The diner was a quaint little place with a counter that you could sit at, like the ones in the sixties. It had pictures of the Devil and a little boy with horns posing in different ones.  “I wonder who snatched my family album.” Scott says.

She looked at him and then at the boy in all of the pictures. “That's you?” She asked him. He nodded his head in acknowledgment with a smirk upon his face. They sat there for a while before Sarah gave their order to the waitress. “Scott, any idea what your dad will do to us when he finds out that we have lied to him?” “I have no idea. However, it can’t be good,” he told her. “I know that he can’t kill me. I’m the only heir to his throne, not that I want it."

"I was thinking about how I have a friend in Beaverton, Oregon. He’ll let us stay there for a night or two. If you would like to go, of course.” She looked at him with so much love that her eyes outshined the sun and said, “Are you silly? Of course I would love to!” "Ok, well on that note, I'll be back. I have to use the men's room." He got up from their booth and went to the bathroom.

When he got back to their booth the food had arrived. Sarah looked at him with a puzzled expression upon her face and said, "Don't we have to worry about the American authorities? I'm not an American citizen."

“Actually, we don’t have to worry about the authorities at all.” He passed her a copy of her new birth certificate, passport, and social security card. It had said Sarah Zernike. His still said Scott Elitus but it recognized him as an American citizen. “How did you know that I wanted to be an American?” Sarah asked Scott. “Who doesn’t want to be an American? I mean, come on, you have so many freedoms.” As they got up to leave Scott found the waitress to give her the tip. He knew without a doubt that bus boys stole tips from waitresses all the time. In fact, a bus boy went to the table of a family who had just left and put the dishes in his bucket while pocketing the tip. When Sarah got outside she strapped on her helmet. It took her a few minutes before she realized that Scott wasn't behind her. She turned towards the Diner's doors and noticed that Scott was just now walking out the door.

“What took so long, sweetie?” She asked him as he reached the Harley. “I had to give the waitress her tip. The bus boy was eyeing it like it was the only money he’s ever saw.” He threw her the keys. “You can drive.” “Are you sure?”

“Yup,” he replied. He hops onto the bitch seat. They rode for a few hours until Scott saw a sign that said Russian National Airport. He tapped onto Sarah's Shoulder and pointed to the sign. She nod her head acknowledging that she understood and turned the bike onto the off ramp towards the airport. When they get to the airport it's past midnight and the building was closed. “Just ride around to the back.” Sarah rode the Harley through the security gate and noticed the guard was asleep. She drove around a large hangar and her jaw dropped as she saw the largest cargo plane known to man. The cargo plane was so fat that it made humpback whales look like poodles. It was colored in pink, blue, and white stripes. “Why is it so big?”

“You will see.” As they get off the bike a man came running out of the butt of the plane. “Scott, you’re back!” He ran to Scott and gave him a brotherly hug. The man noticed Sarah for the first time. “Wow, who’s the foxy lady?” “James, I would like you to meet Sarah Zernike. Hunny, this is my brother, James.”

“Please to meet you, sir.” Sarah said shaking James hand. “Please, Sir was my father’s name.” “Where are we heading, bro?” “America.” James helped Scott load his Harley onto the plane. Sarah walked up the Cargo Bay’s door, took a seat in on a couch and jumped in surprise when she had hit a button, accidentally, that made a TV pop out of the wall.

Scott went to the cockpit while James used the bathroom. When he got back he sat beside Sarah and smiled. “So, I actually heard a lot about you.” She looked at him with bewilderment. “You have?” “Yes,” he smirked. “I didn’t even know about Scott until he saved me from the Devil. How could you have heard about me?” “Before Lucifer lied to you about Scott putting a child in you, he stalked you when the both of you were twelve.” “Wow, talk about young love.” James laughed. Of course Sarah always knew that she wasn’t pregnant. Lucifer’s spell worked so well, that she felt as though there was a baby inside of her, but now that Lucifer was gone the feeling was, too. In its place was the feeling of sadness and wonder. They discussed Scott’s secret affection for Sarah. After awhile James mentioned that he should head to the cockpit to help Scott. As he got up Sarah tugged on his arm. He turned around and she asked, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Go ahead,” he replied. “How can you tell if someone is a demon?" After she asked the question James looked at her with confusion, wondering how much he should tell her, and how much he should allow Scott to tell her. She saw the conflicting thoughts running through his head and added, "I want to be ready just in case.” He sighed and sat down beside her. “Well, the first sign is a few things. They can range from black smoke, electricity flickering, the smell of rotten eggs, or even sulfur. However, when you see someone in front of you and notice that instead of normal eyes their eyes are very black, you turn around and walk away.” “Thanks.” “You’re very welcome.” He got up to leave, but as he did, he turned around and said to her, “Just stick with Scott and you will be safe. He was the best at what we used to do.”

“What did the two of you used to do?” James slapped his forehead muttering, 'I shouldn't have said that,' under his breath. He sighed and sat back down. “Even though I’ve said too much, I guess I can tell you this. We used to be Hunters. People who searched for ghouls, ghosts, monsters, and demons to kill or get rid of.”

“Oh.” Sarah’s eyes opened like she was seeing James for the first time but in a new way. Then, she remembered that Scott is a demon. “Wait, how can demons hunt and kill other demons?” “Well, some demons are born into it and have a choice of whether they want to be bad or good. When bad people die and go to hell their evil stays with them and they become bad demons. Scott is the only demon who was born into it, who has chosen to be good.”

“James! I need you in here!” Scott yelled from the cockpit. James got back up and went to the cockpit. When he got to the cockpit he opened the door and stepped inside. Once inside he shut the door behind him. The look on Scott's face was a look he never saw before and it scared the bejeezus out of him. He sits in the co-pilot's seat buckling himself in. “Yes?” He asked Scott. “I need you to take the wheel. I have to debrief Sarah on my life since you had the nerve of telling her! She didn’t need to know all of that bad stuff! I wanted her to live a normal life!”

“Sorry, bro, but she asked.” “You know what happens to the ladies that I start to care for, after they find out what I used to do. My father hunts them down and kills them.” James looked apologetically at Scott and said, “Sorry, it won’t happen again.” Scott unbuckled his seatbelt and walked out of the cockpit. He shut the door and walked towards Sarah. When he reached her, he sat next to her. She leaned her head onto his shoulder and asked, “What about yours and James parents?”

“My stepfather and real mom were killed by Lucifer so the cops took me to the only person on my parents emergency contact list, which happened to be James’ dad, Jesse. That’s how we met. It turns out that Jesse and my step-father both were hunters and was in search of my little brother, Lucifer’s other son.”

“Did they find him?” “Yes, they found and killed him. However, they didn’t know that it would cost my parents and James' mom’s life. That is why James and I became hunters.” Scott started to cry. Sarah placed a hand on his shoulders. Seeing that there’s more, she asked, “What happened when they were killed?” Drying his eyes, Scott replied, “Well, both of their wives were pregnant at the time. In fact, James and I were the babies. The real reason why we are brothers is because we were born in different hospitals but at the exact same minute of the same hour.”

“Wow!” She exclaimed. “So, two years later, Lucifer kills Jame's mother and my parents. He also branded a star on James back. To this day, we still haven’t figured out why.” He got up and said, “Now enough talk about how bad my life was. Let’s go get some sleep because it's four hours until we are to be there.” He took Sarah by the hand and led her to the back of the plane where his Harley was and knocked three times on the wall. A door slid open to reveal a master suite bedroom.