Wait for What? - Christina Varghese - ebook

Wait for What? ebook

Christina Varghese



You only live once so make this life worthwhile,don't waste days and months thinking or fearing the what ifs because tomorrow isn't guaranteed.if you care enough to fear it then you care enough to take a dive into something that could be just what you needed.he or she could be everything you've always looked for.

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Table of Contents
The first meeting. .
Waiting for the next date...
After a few dates...
Old is gold...
Sexy Time…

Wait for what?

The objective of my book is to help everyone be successful in their relationships by sharing all my thoughts and advice on how to be the Queen to your king and vica versa.

I am no expert but I will say that my advice is spot on as it’s based on my life experience and from helping many friends through their relationship dilemma’s.

Although I am a very strong woman and can sometimes come across scary, I am a big soft romantic at heart who loves to be in love and being loved. Being in love is something that is amazing, nothing better than to share your visions with your loved one. To be with your soulmate is the biggest achievement you can achieve and the most wonderful reward from the universe for all the shit you have been through, it is this day you are grateful it didn’t work out with anyone else because those were just lessons to prepare you for the day that you meet that one person you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Alright enough of me sounding like a right girl, let’s get down to the nitty gritty,

The first meeting. .

1. Always be on time - as it shows that you care about making an impression, it shows you are excited to meet them, that you value the time they have taken to see you.