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Teddy Girl! ebook

Donald Safstrom



After being accidentally killed by drunk party goer Billy, a young boy inhabit a little girl's body to seek his revenge on the ones who hurt him and any other living being. FINISHED!!!!!WARNING NOT RATED 16, IS RATED R BUT I HAVE FRIENDS WHO ARE READING IT WHO ARE ABOVE 18 BUT DON'T LIKE MAKING SOCIAL MEDIAS!!!!

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Donald Safstrom

Teddy Girl!

scripted novel

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Chp 1 Birth of Teddy Girl (Billy)

               Hey dudes! What's up! I'm Billy, and I'm heading to a sweet party! This will be the first freaking party of the school year dude! I'm stoked! The only people I know that are going will be my girlfriend Ashly she's head cheerleader of our school football team The Raging Bears, she's seriously smoking dude, her tits are huge and so full of life, her eyes are the bluest of blue and her hair is the gorgeous color of the sun. I'm the lead quarterback, of course! I mean no nerd could get Ashly although the nerd king Luther has the biggest, creepiest crush on my girl. Like stalker like man, no joke. 



???: Billy! Man let's go! Ashly and Rach are already at Fran's! 


           That's Charles my best friend and one of my teammates on the field, as for Rach & Fran they're Ashly's best friends...and Fran is the one throwing the party, and it's going to be wicked man. 


Charles: Come on Billy! I was promised a good dick sucking from Rach! 


        Rach is Charles's girlfriend, they've been together for about a month now so it's about time she sucks his dick. 


Billy: Sorry man don't mean to be a cockblock! 



Charles: It's cool bro, just don't let it happen again. 




        I jump into the back seat of Charles's brother Peter's green pickup truck. 


Billy: Let's go! 


Peter: Next stop PARTY CITY BOYS!


         He blast his rock n roll song and we all cheer as we head to Fran's house. 





        WOOOOOOOOOOOOO This party is lit! and honestly I can barely see a thing! everything's so blurry and spinningy, I fucked up my arm somehow...I think I mean it hurts dude. I have no idea what's going on. I walk around all tipsy or drunk haha. 


Ashly: Billy! Isn't this party great! 


Billy: Hell yeah! I'm buzzed man! It's fucking great! Come here girl so I can kiss you. 


   She laughs as I pull her over to me and press my lips against hers and close my eyes as we embrace each other, She grabs my junk and giggles. 


Ashly: I wanna say hi to him! Please babe? 


Billy: Sure thing babe, but we need to go somewhere more private! 


Ashly: Fran's room! Come on! 


     She grabs me and I am dragged with her to the house...oh right I was outside next to fran's pool the whole time...I don't remember if I want into the water. I'm not wet so I don't think I did. Before we enter the house I notice what seems like a little boy standing at the edge of Fran's yard, he looks fugly. Like really fugly dude. 


Billy: ew what the fuck is that? 


Ashly: What's what babe? 


Billy: That thing at the end of the yard. 


Ashly: what?


   She looks at the boy and fake gags. 


Ashly: That's one ugly ass gnome, I would be scared to enter the yard. 


   A gnome of course! No human could be that ugly. I return to my girlfriend. 


Billy: I believe we were about to go and introduce you to my friend? 


Ashly: I believe so mister. I can't wait to say hi. 


       We enter the house and I look at the fugly gnome one last time. 




      Ashly pushes me onto the bed and undoes my pants and pulls them off of me, then she reaches into the flap of my yellow boxer briefs and grabs ahold of my dick. 


Ashly: aw he doesn't seem very happy to see me, Billy. 


Billy: He just had to much to drink, he'll be happy soon enough sweety don't you worry. 


    I grab one of her boobs, which one I grab...I couldn't tell, I rub it around and around as she moans, and continues to play around with my junk which still lays in my underwear. 


Ashly: Come on I want you in me baby, get hard! 


Billy: trust me babe I'm really trying. I've just had way to much to drink and you know how that gets it down. 


     She pouts...


Billy: whoa, whoa, whoa don't you worry sweetheart ol'Billy has other ways to please his queen. 


    I rip off her shirt and pull her towards me, I press my lips against her now bare tits I began to suck on a nipple and she moans ilke hell, I let my drool coat her breast and my chin. Her hand is out of my pants now, but I do feel a tingle...which means I'm almost ready. 


Billy: Oh baby he's starting to remember you. 


Ashly: That's fantastic babe. 


   I watch the blur of my girlfriend takes off the skirt she wore here....I don't remember it's color or size, just that it is a skirt. I then watch her remove her panties as well. 


Ashly: I'm ready baby, is he? 


Billy: Fully loaded now, we can get to work. 


Ashly: perfect. 


she pulls my cock out of my underwear and lays on it, her tightness makes me moan as my dick enters her vagina. The moistness fills me with joy and then she starts to move up and down and the tingle gets better and better, she moans loudly and mumbly. 


Billy: oh fuck Ashly!


  She bounces and I thrust. As we both moan the party goers drown out our moans of pleasure, I grab her tits and rub them as she continues to ride me. The plumpness jiggles in my palms and the sweet savory of her vagina makes me cry out in harmonizing bliss...then I feel that familiar tingle of cum, but I'm too drunk and pleased to care and I let it all come out inside her. 


Ashly: Oh Billy! 


Billy: babe I came. 


Ashly: what! Billy! 


   She jumps off me and kneels beside me on the bed. 


Ashly: You didn't! What the hell Billy.


    I watch as she gets up and puts on her clothes and walks out...leaving me laying on the bed naked with the door wide open....It takes me a few seconds to realize then I get dressed and run after her.


Billy: Ashly! Ashly!


   I'm stopped by Fran and Rach.


Fran: What did you do now Billy? Ashly looked really worried!


Rach: I bet he got so drunk he cheated on her.


Billy: fuck off Rach, I'm not you. Now move I need to find Ashly.


      I push passed the two girls and continue my drunk search for Ashly. I turn behind me to see Rach and Fran following me.


Billy: Yo fuck off! I did nothing to her! I just want to speak with my girl.


Fran: funny how I don't believe you. Billy...I think you should just leave.


Billy: What?


Fran: Leave Billy. I'll find Ashly and talk to her. I'll let her know you went home, now go before you cause anymore trouble. 


Billy: Whatever bitch.


    I storm out of the house...Fran, Rach, Charles, Peter, even Luther who I didn't even know came to the party watch me go. Fucking Luther I bet he's hoping to find Ashly and cuddle up to her real fucking quick.


Billy: You better stay the fuck away from Ashly, Luther! If I find out you tried anything you're creepy ass will be one dead motherfucker!


Fran: Get out of here Billy! Right now!


   I flick her the bird and walk away. As I'm walking I hear a little girl screaming.


Billy: hello?


  I turn around but don't see anyone, not even Fran's house. I don't have any clue where I am. I hear the cries again and rush towards them, I see two figures up ahead. 


???: You hurt Teddy! Teddy is everything! You hurt teddy!


   A little boys voice, but it sounds strange almost monstrous. As I get closer I see the gnome from the party holding what seems like a bloody knife...over a little girl! who has blood coming from her side!


Billy: Hey! What are you doing!



   I charge at the boy and tackle him. He doesn't struggle...in fact he isn't moving. I get up and see the knife inside his chest! It must've fell into him during the tackle. He is completely dead, I look at the little girl who also doesn't seem to be breathing. 


Billy: oh shit.


???: Teddy is everything.


Billy: what the hell?


    That is the same voice I heard from the boy who just died, but he seems dead.


Ashly: Billy!? Billy what the hell is this!


   I look up and see Ashly, Fran, Rach, Charles, Peter, Luther standing around me and the bodies. 


Billy: I saw this boy attacking this little girl! I tried to get him away and....he died.


Charles: Shit! What should we do?


Rach: Go to the police duh!


Ashly: What no! We're all 16 and drunk! we won't get away with this, they'll think we did it under the influence!


Peter: So we should hide the bodies! Make sure no one can find them. 


Billy: but I killed this boy...I can't live with that guys! 


Luther: I don't want any part of this I'm walking away right now. 


    The creep walks away leaving the rest of us to take care of the bodies. I'm in too much shock to really do anything so Charles and Peter move the bodies into some nearby woods and we all follow. 


Charles: we need shovels, we can't dig graves without them. 


Fran: we don't have fucking shovels you dumbass! We came from a party not a garden house! 


Charles: Then we'll dig with our hands. 


      So we do, each and everyone of us digs until we have a hole big enough for both bodies, then we toss them inside and cover it back up. 


Rach: Oh my god I can't believe we just did that! 


Peter: and we'll bring it with us to our graves right?


               We all agree and then all head home terrified of what's to come. 

Chp 2 Haunted (Fran)

 Okay so like it's been a month since Billy killed that boy. We all kind of split up after that, Billy and Ashly are still together, same with Rach and Charles, but I don't really talk to them anymore not after everything that happened. Right now I'm in school trying to avoid everyone that was there that night at all cost. 


???: Fran! Hey! 


    A lightly brown skinned boy comes over to me, his name is Xander...he is one of those boys that has really long hair, like really long. He's a sweetheart though wouldn't hurt a fly. I befriended him two days after my party, we've become really close. 


Fran: Hey Xander what's up. 


Xander: Not much, did you get that homework assignment from Mr.Blakly?


Fran: Yes, he is such a dick man, I mean it's literally four weeks before vacation and he piles us with all this shit. I swear the devil is in that man. 


Xander: I wouldn't be surprised if you're right. 


    I stop at my locker and open it up and grab some books out of it. When I hear Rach's laugh coming down the hall. 


Fran: Hey Xander I have to get to class I'll talk to you later. 


Xander: Wait I actually wanted to ask you something else! 


Fran: Can it wait? I don't want to be late. 


Xander: It's real quick...please?


   I see Rach turn the corner, her cocoa colored skin shines in the bright red dress she has on, her hair is in a braided ponytail and she's with Ashly and Charles. 


Fran: I'm sorry Xander, I have to go. 


   Too late they spotted me. 


Ashly: Fran! 


   She waves and they all come over to me, Ashly is wearing a grey tee with some cartoon character on it and some booty shorts...our school is not good with dress codes. Charles is in a leather jacket and has some faded ripped up jeans on. 


Ashly: Hey Franny you're not mad at us are you?


Fran: No, I've been busy I don't have much time to hang out anymore. 


Charles: Busy with what? You don't have chores, you have maids and butlers who take care of all that stuff. 


Fran: I've been doing extra things. I'm going to be late to class, I'll see you guys later. 


    I walk away and look to see Ashly talking to Xander. Who just shrugs then walks off himself, as I'm looking at them I see a little girl creepily smiling at us! She has tan skin, and brown hair that's very messy. Her big blue eyes stare into my soul! Her shirt is pink with a teddy bear head on it, but the bottom is torn revealing her stomach, and the skirt she has on has a slit in it's left side....she looks familiar, but before I can get a better look she is gone! 


Fran: what? where did she go?


    I must've of imagined it, so I turn around and head to class. Once in, I take a seat next to a girl named Sammy, she is a ginger from head to toe. The red curly hair, the freckles nearly covering her body, and the haunting look in her shinny green eyes. 


Sammy: Hey Fran. 


Fran: Hi Sammy. 


Sammy: Fran, Xander just texted me saying you just ditched Ashly and them? Is everything ok? 


   Sammy and Xander are cousins, and the closest thing I have to a best friend now that I dropped Ashly and the others.