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BECOME A Successful Bookmaker How to Create Monthly Income from Betting on Sports? All you have to do is change the gambler's way of thinking and think of the bet as some kind of investment and turn your losses into a winnings! The book Successful Bookmaker will help you with that! You are betting frequently but there is no way to get on the green branch? Regularly you are going to lose just because of a failed one pair? Going crazy already but there is no way to make a profit?? Because of all this you have come to the conclusion that something needs to change, and you don't know what? Take a breath, because everything you need is in the book that we present to you!

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Successful bookmaker

Publisher:Fsi grupa d.o.o.

Author:M. King

Illustrator:Dragana Hajsok

Proofreading and correction:Anica Fatiga

Contact:[email protected] © 2013. Fsi grupa d.o.o.

Important legal information:

All information contained in this book are provided for general information purposes only and do not in any way constitute professional, financial, legal or any other advice. If you need specific advice, always look for help of a suitably qualified and authorized professional person. The author, publisher and distributor do not have any material, legal or any other responsibility for the accuracy of data, facts and any other information as well as any damages resulting from its application. No part of this publication may be copied, published or in any way used without prior written permission from the publisher.

Successful bookmaker
Chapter 1 - About Betting
How do Sportsbooks Work?
What does this really mean?
Righteous coefficient on some match does not exist!
Equalization payments
What does it mean when the coefficients fall?
Costs imposed by Sportsbooks
Bet Magazine
Betting with emotions
Betting Predictions without putting the coefficients
The hope in Sportsbooks
Chapter 2 - Profitable Betting Rule
Rule No. 1 - Professional betting is not a game
Rule No. 2 – Betting should be approached objectively
Rule No. 3 – Only successful money management leads to successful betting
Rule No. 4 – Respect the money
Rule No. 5 – Be smart and cool head
Rule No. 6 –”Tax on fools’’
Rule No. 7 - Favorites
Rule No. 8 – The real information
Rule No. 9 – Trust only yourself and your analysis
Rule No. 10 – Earnings rule
Rule No. 11 - Perfect Pairs
Rule No. 12 – Keep your betting records
Rule No. 13 – Don’t be naive
Rule No. 14 - Greed is the biggest enemy
Rule No. 15 - Sports about you don’t know nothing
Rule No. 16 – Best coefficient
Rule No. 17 - Success or failure
Rule No. 18 – Betting Alerts (match fixing)
Rule No. 19 – Risk management (betting risk)
Rule No. 20 – “I am such a fool?”
Chapter 3 - Profitable Betting
Chapter 4 - Betting Systems
1. Betting on a single number
2. Distribution of single bets
3. „Public“ ticket
4. Martingale (betting system)
5. First increased bet
6. Tactics 122
7. Tactics 1-3
8. Tactics 123
9. Positive growth Tactics
12. Labouchère system
13. Reverse Labouchere System
14. Fibonacci Betting System
15. "Five rounds" betting system
16. Parlay betting system
17. System 1-3-2-6
18. Hasek coulums betting system
19. Tactics of "betting by the stairs"
20. Oscar system
Chapter 5 - Bookmakers Testimonials


Want to become successful bookmaker? Figure out your current way of thinking and betting? With this book we will help you with that.
To be successful at something, first you have to analyze yourself, see where you are wrong, what to change and how to redirect the course of things in your favor.
Many people think that betting is not hard work, because they follow the sport on television, the Internet and newspapers. They bet on interesting games, games that are transmitted on television, and for them this is a great loss and eventual path to bankruptcy. With this book, we will help you to move away from the brink of collapse and to earn some money.
According to unofficial data, more than 73 % in World every day play at least one betting ticket. Payment amounts are different, from at least five dollars to several thousand. Over 90% of those bookmakers daily fills out betting tickets in the hope that they will earn some money and thus, will improve their financial situation and accelerate their way towards the realization of material and life goals.
Most bookmakers with that attitude are mostly in large losses and Sportsbooks are earning from that every day.
Today, in times of crisis, people solve their money problems with sports betting. This is maybe logical because betting gives you the ability to earn some money very easy and quickly, but beyond that usually is hidden bottomless pit waiting to swallow every little penny that you have.
None of bookmakers in the world operates under the auspices of the Red Cross or any other humanitarian organization.
All bookmakers work just to earn some money. You should keep that in mind whenever you think that "hole" in your wallet could be filled by visiting the Sportsbooks.
Sportsbooks and the owners of Sportsbooks daily generate enormous profits, by “taking” the money out of your pocket. Today, on every corner you can find Sportsbooks that operates with profit.
Most bookmakers have developed their own betting system, which they consider is the best possible way to win a millions, and indicators shows that more than 97% of bookmakers daily lose their bets.
Many bookmakers believe they have systems that can't lead them at a loss and with these systems every bet is guaranteed, even they have never recorded their winnings and losses. Such bookmakers believe that they always make a profit, and how much that profit is, they never know.
So, if you bet like this, stop with betting because soon you are going to lose everything you have, especially a lot of money.
In this book you will find systems and rules of betting, tips on how to reduce your losses, how to bet properly and how to increase the percentage of winnings. And most important you will learn how to beat Sportsbooks.
If you read this book carefully and followed the rules, you will have a much better chance to constantly deal with winnings. This is not impossible, you just have to follow the rules. One of the most important things is that you have to change gambler's way of thinking and to think of the bet as some kind of investment and you have to play over the long run.
The book will present you some of the best systems for betting, mathematical-statistical theory, how to fill out your betting ticket correctly and how to analyze all desired games.
You will make a profit, there is no doubt about this, but of course - it depends on the amount of money that you will start playing with. If you don't have money for some spectacular initial bets, we will show you how with hard work you can achieve great success.
This book is not a magic wand that will enable you to earn a lot of money in one swing. So, if you believe in such things, don’t read further.
This book will introduce you with the real tools founded on mathematics, statistics, and psychology that will help you to understand the background of betting, to analyze successfully every sports event before you put it on your ticket. It will help you to understand how sportsbooks think and in which way they are taking the money out of our pocket.
After you read this book you will not definitely have the same way of thinking as it is now. It is very important to study and understand everything that is written here. This book can everyone understand, the methods that are listed in the book can be used by everyone.

 Chapter 1 - About Betting

Imagine the following scenario: A man enters to the Sportsbooks, cheering for Barcelona; he put a bet of 100 dollars on Barcelona because he "knows" that it will win...

How many times you were in the same situation? Maybe your fan isn’t Barcelona but you were in the same situation. Can you find yourself or your friends in this example? Where is the difference between the man in the above example from any other gambler who enters to the casino and put 100 dollars on red? There is NO difference.

Both are investing by feeling, without any knowledge about the opponent and chances they will win. Most of bookmakers put a bet on something because they have this feeling. Gambler is also investing because there is a feeling, although the quotas are against him.

When the gambler put a bet on red, his winnings will be doubled, because the coefficient of the game is 2. But since there is zero, for him there are 18 favorable and 19 unfavorable possible outcomes. Zero makes a difference and the probability of winning is 50%, rather than 48.6%. Means, that coefficient for the game is 2, and probability to win is less than 50%. Over the long term, if he will play it 100 times, 51.4 times will lose, and 48.6 times will earn and at the end - if the bet for each game was the same, that will be a loss then.

The purpose of this book is to promote the betting and to think of the bet as some kind of investment.

When you bet, you must avoid betting with the feeling because there is possibility that betting become gambling. Reasons to bet on a particular sport event have to be rational and based on facts. This is the difference between betting and gambling.

However if we look at gambling as a deposit to the event over which we don't have an influence, in order to achieve the profit, then the betting is certainly gambling. But according to this logic any other investment then would be a gamble, so, we will not fully agree with this definition.

Betting can be in most cases gambling because most of people are investing by feeling or incomplete information.

How to change the nature of betting? What is the essential difference between gambling and betting? We will talk about this in the following chapters.

Professional betting is a very serious business that requires your money and your time. Betting requires time to study the offers, the analysis of all events related to your bet, information, management statistics, development of investment strategies and investing the money.

How do Sportsbooks Work?

At the beginning we must clarify how sportsbooks make a profit. To be able to bet successfully and make a profit, you have to know your opponent very well. We have to understand how the sportsbooks work and how they make money.

At Sportsbooks work experts called "bookmakers". Those are people who determine the coefficients on online betting every day, from hour to hour, even from minute to minute, on a particular sport event. Their mission is to reduce the risk of sportsbooks on some sport event.

What does this really mean?

This means that sportsbooks, for example, "are not cheering" that the favorite has to lose, but, ideally, want to make money on every possible outcome, no matter how the match will end. Unlike bookmakers, who can never earn with betting on all three (or two) possible outcomes of one game, for sportsbooks this is precisely the purpose.

Righteous coefficient on some match does not exist!

In order to earn from betting in any case, the bookmakers have two types of tricks: the first trick is generally offering lower coefficients from the real ones and the other trick is overly favoritism of favorites.

Each Sportsbooks has its own profit margin that varies in a few percentage points. This means that bookmakers in most cases will not offer a realistic coefficient, but few points lower. The easiest way to show that is on sports event that has only two possible outcomes, such as tennis. At the meetings in which the opponents are even, realistic ratio in both outcomes should be 2.00.

Players in World Sportsbooks know very well that in that case they will get 1.80 or at most 1.85. Check the table of coefficients of World Sportsbooks and you will notice how much "taxes" on the coefficients some Sportsbooks take.

If we want to see what is the profit margin of Sportsbooks we need to calculate how much money we have to invest in order to have a sure payout of 1 dollar.

In order to get 1 dollar, at the outcome x, we have to invest amount of 1/coefficient at x, and this is also possible for other outcomes (1 and 2). Suppose that the coefficients to the 1 x 2 are 1.90; 3.30; 3.25

So, in order to get 1 dollar, we have to invest 1,167 dollar. In other words, from the bet of 1 dollar sportsbooks earn 0.1431 (divide 1 dollar with 1,167 and subtract 1 from that). Profit margin of Sportsbooks is 14.31%.

Equalization payments

Bookmaker’s main task is to equalize the amount that Sportsbooks have to pay on any of the possible outcomes of a sports event. That means if the sportsbooks want to earn, for example 100 dollars of payments at the ratio 1:30 (payment in case of a win +30 dollars) and 40 dollars at the coefficient 3.00 (payment in case of a win +120 dollars).

If that would happened, the sportsbooks can't lose, in both cases they would earn 10,000 dollars.

Because of this, Sportsbooks always overestimate favorites, or give even smaller coefficient on outcomes that are very likely, for example, favored match FC Real Madrid against FC Reading. Sportsbooks are doing that because they want to minimize the amount which they have to pay in the case of a win of FC Real Madrid and to attract players with attractive coefficient if FC Reading wins, tied match, x2...

You must know that bookmakers will never succeed to equalize the amount that Sportsbooks has to pay if FC Real Madrid or FC Reading wins. Therefore, all bookmakers are always hoping that favorites will lose or that players will put at least two or more pairs at the same ticket and miss at least one game. That's why some sportsbooks provide additional bonuses and benefits to putting more pairs on one ticket.

What does it mean when the coefficients fall?

Before you put a bet, be sure to check the coefficients movement. Every day the coefficients are different considering to the initial coefficient of a particular match.

Bookmakers change their original course when they realize that the initial rate is overpriced and that is not a valid power ratio. Besides, one of the reasons may be the change of circumstances in relation to the composition of the initial information (for example player injuries, injuries of key strikers, changing weather conditions ...). Most frequent cause of coefficient changes are the large bets at some football matches. A large number of bets on a match automatically reduce the coefficient, because sportsbooks suspect at possible frauds or something like that.

Please note that all these coefficient drops don't mean that you will win, but it gives you an indication that something strange is going on in that meeting. Means, coefficient drop gives you a warning to better consider this meeting and to find all the possible surprises. As you know, it's impossible to see this directly at the sportsbooks, because they don't show changes of coefficients.

In this case, use internet, which is the perfect tool for finding pairs with variable coefficients. There are many portals that daily monitor the change of the coefficients.

Costs imposed by Sportsbooks

We will mention some huge fees charged by European Sportsbooks. Sportsbooks don't take this profit, it goes to the state, and 5% is a tax that every European sportsbook has to pay. Foreign Online Sportsbooks have no fees, because in other countries this tax doesn't exist. Instead of Croatian sportsbooks take this cost of 5%, players have to pay it.

Sportsbooks generate the profits by winnings!