Roma Victor. The God is dead, long live the God! - Saul Pincus - ebook

Roma Victor. The God is dead, long live the God! ebook

Saul Pincus

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What does Constantine the Great has in common with Adolf Hitler?

What does Jesus know about his church? 

Is it possible that the Second World War could have been avoided?

Roma Victor by Saul Pincus provides answers to those questions, and even more. It shows an alternative backstage of events that lead to the Second World War. This is an interesting book in which two, at first sight completely unrelated plots combine into one, involving story. The author develops controversial questions and commonly silenced elements of Christianity by taking the reader onto the court of Constantine the Great, and looking at the events from the point of view  of the people who were their eyewitnesses. Switching into a more contemporary setting, Roma Victor tells the story of a world which is ruled by wealthy individuals who channel the events according to their will and therefore change the course of history. The best summary of the book would be to say that Roma Victor is a story about people that decided to take up the creative work of God who, in turn, seems to have forgotten about His role.

The story leaves the reader at a point where one’s head is full of questions and doubts, willing to dig deeper into the topic. Roma Victor is definitely a must-read position for fans of conspiracy theories and for everyone who is not satisfied with easy, superficial explanations.

Book summary by Joanna Golińska

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