Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 Days -The Original-: (UK Edition) - Arno Schikowsky - ebook

Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 Days -The Original-: (UK Edition) ebook

Arno Schikowsky

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This book is a comprehensive guide that will help you to undertake the 21 Day Metabolic Diet properly and successfully. To date, hundreds of thousands of People have done it with unprecedented success. The authors have made a conscious effort to keep their explanations simple and clear as to the method and Background behind it. They explain in an easily understandable way why so many people have had quick and lasting results without the dreaded "yo-yo" effect afterwards. Are high quality nutritional supplements useful and how should they be used? How do metabolic activators work and why are they so important, especially with this diet? Why do you not get those unpleasant hunger pains? These are just three of the main - legitimate - questions answered in this book. They have also detailed how you can best nourish your body. The expertise of the authors is based on a wealth of professional indepth knowledge, years of experience, together with the observations of numerous participants over the course of the diet. The 21 Day Metabolic Diet is intended to be long lasting because its goal is a longterm, sensible and healthy way of eating rather than short-term (unreasonable) results.

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Table of Contents

The Authors

The 21 Day Metabolic Diet in practice

The 7 Pillars of the 21 day Metabolic Diet by Rudolf Binder MD

Pillar 1: Effective weight loss through calorie reduction

Pillar 2: Energetic activator – no feelings of hunger and a new weight memory

Pillar 3: Regulated acid/alkaline (pH) balance a prerequisite for firm skin and healthy connective tissue

Pillar 4: Reduction of oxidative stress and absorption of harmful substances – performance remains unaffected

Pillar 5: A healthy intestinal flora improved immune system and optimal support from nutrients

Pillar 6: Strengthening of body, mind and soul – omega-3 fatty acids

Pillar 7: Inner composure success through feeling, mind and body

The Catalyst for Fat Loss and Metabolic Training

Bodybuilding and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet

Delicious Recipes

Nutritional facts

For the diet, stabilisation and test phase

Breakfast variations

Lunch and dinner

For the stabilisation and test phase

Lunch and dinner

Bread and rolls


Sweet treats

Low Carb Ideas for the test phase and after




FAQs – Questions and Answers

Headaches during the metabolic diet

Dieting without losing weight?

Lactose intolerance

Prescription Medication

Eggs and dairy products during the diet phase

Choice of vegetables / salads during the diet phase

Vegetarians, vegans

Plateaux and extension of the low calorie phase of the diet

Oral Contraception and the Metabolic Diet

Atopic Dermatitis

Stubborn cellulitis that never goes away or only goes away very slowly?

Diabetes and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet

Blood Thinners and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet

Young People and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet

Sports and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet

Counteracting a lack of energy during peak exertion

Thyroid and the 21 Day Metabolic Diet


Bodycare products during the Metabolic Diet

Food intolerances

Forgot to take the activator

Minimum amount of liquids needed

Quantity of protein

Risks and side effects of energetic activators

Alternative energetic activators

Information for the attending physician

Where to buy

The Authors

We dedicate this book to our families and the many, many people who have placed their trust in us.

The Authors

Arno Schikowsky was born in 1965. A former competitive athlete with an education in sports and fitness (ICC), he can look back on 32 years of experience as a fitness and nutrition coach, instructor and sports rehabilitation trainer. He has been the successful founder and owner of a fitness centre for 21 years.

Rudolf Binder MD is a specialist in general medicine, naturopathy and acupuncture. A registered physician with his own practice in Bavaria, South Germany since 1998, he has also worked successfully for many years as a hypnotherapist, Klinghardt® therapist and nutrition coach. With over 20 years of experience, to him the appreciation of a healthy, holistic lifestyle is a matter close to his heart and makes him a sought-after speaker on the subject.

Christian Mörwald was born in 1966 in Bavaria, South Germany. As a professional trainer for sports, health and prevention, he has been intensively involved in nutrition for about 30 years in the area of health and physical performance. As a successful partner and coach in a fitness centre, he has a wealth of experience in this field.

Foreword Arno Schikowsky

Dear Reader!

When I first heard about the 21 Day Metabolic Diet - and that was not so very long ago - I rejected this programme outright. For over 30 years I have been studying any and all diets that have come on to the market. I have tried many of the nutritional programmes myself with varying degrees of success. I could not tell you how many clients I have advised over the past few decades. I am sure there were thousands. I gave numerous lectures but did my clients have lasting success? Hardly. In most cases they failed owing to the bad quality of the programme, its suitability to everyday life and, of course, a lack of discipline on their part.

And now another diet? A “new” one that was supposed to outrival all the diets I had known before? A nutrition programme that did not meet caloric requirements, combined with homeopathy and supplements? I thought immediately of muscle loss, the so-called “yo-yo” effect and hunger. And as for homeopathy? For me, at that time, it was complete nonsense. I brushed it off and never gave it another thought. However, weeks later, after I had read more and more success stories, I became curious. The results were so phenomenal that I finally did take a closer look.

Shed a few pounds quickly? Who does not want that? With this book, we - Arno Schikowsky (professional sports and nutrition coach for over 30 years), Rudolf Binder MD (specialist in general medicine and naturopathy) and Christian Mörwald (professional trainer for sports, health and prevention) - introduce you to the 21 Day Metabolic Diet.

This book is intended to help you live a healthier life, to lose weight in a healthy way, without feeling hungry, and all this with an ease you have never known until now.

I am aware that this book will be in the firing line of experts, however, I have used simple language to make it understandable for those people who have little or no dietary knowledge. Homeopathy, micronutrients and a low calorie diet that is suitable for everyday life: This is the “21 Day Metabolic Diet.”

We have shown in detail how this new/old “diet” works: step by step with delicious recipes and exercise recommendations. We have also pointed out any possible challenges and given advice regarding nutrition, amongst many other things.

All the information or statements are based on experiences that I have had with my clients. It is quite possible that, to date, there have been no clinical studies or medical proof. However the results speak for themselves.

The “Questions and Answers” section from page 146 onwards will help and support you to rebalance your metabolism. From page 78 onwards, you will find over 100 recipes for delicious meals.

Happy reading!

Arno Schikowsky

The 21 Day Metabolic Diet in practice

The 21 Day Metabolic Diet in practice

For those who want to start right away we have put the “practical part” at the very beginning. For those readers who prefer to familiarise themselves first as to how the rebalancing of the metabolism works, skip this chapter for the moment and continue reading on page 19 before you come back to this section. I highly recommend you read and follow the instructions carefully, because they are crucial for the diet to succeed.

The health benefits of the metabolic diet can be tremendous.

Here are a few results that my clients have achieved in the first few weeks:

Their weight decreased by up to 26 lbs (1 st 12 lbs) (12 kg) in 21 days

Stubborn body fat could be reduced

They noted that structural fat had hardly decreased

They reported that muscle mass reduced only to a minimal extent

In many cases the skin seemed to have improved

Better regulation of the acid/alkaline (pH) balance

Most felt energetic, almost “rejuvenated”.

For the most part, there was no “yo-yo” effect

People, who, for health reasons are not sure if the metabolic diet is suitable for them, should consult an experienced medical practitioner. In the event of health issues (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) we advise you to consult with your doctor before you begin the diet. You will experience dramatically positive changes that may require an adjustment to the amount of your medication. You and your doctor should be prepared for this. But would it be so bad if you had to take less medication?

On page 153 you will find a summary of the metabolic diet for your attending physician.

The complete metabolic diet comprises 4 phases:

1. The loading phase Duration 2 days

2. The actual diet phase Duration minimum 21 days

3. The stabilisation phase Duration 21 days

4. The test phase Duration 6 months

Each of these four phases is equally important for lasting success.



A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Make a decision as to when you want to start. It would be ideal if you chose a fairly quiet time for the diet phase without any extreme physical and mental exertion. On the other hand, there is never a perfect time – so don’t procrastinate too long and get started!

Sports people can and should continue their usual workout. Generally, sport is not a prerequisite for a good result with the diet. However people who practise sport reduce more body fat because the energy that is needed for their activities has to be provided from their stored fat.

In principle, this diet is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. Women who are still menstruating achieve best results if they start right after their period. The two days of the loading phase can be carried out during their period.

Please start the diet only when you have all the necessary products to hand.

Activator, nutritional supplements and aspartame free protein powder (source of supply please see p. 154).

Food for the first few days (pre-plan your shopping)

If necessary, buy new kitchen scales, personal scales and a tape measure.

The Start

Very important: jot down your initial weight and motivate yourself during the diet by documenting your success, for example:

Good photos of your body e.g. front, back, side as well as partial view (note the conditions in which you took the shots – your position and the camera position as well as the camera settings)

Determine the size of your waist (measure in the same place each time and make a note)

Always weigh yourself at the same time of day and under the same conditions.

Note:Your body will not change in a uniform way. Periods of stagnation and fluctuation are absolutely normal.

The Loading Phase (2 days)

Now you start taking the activator. If possible evenly distributed throughout the day. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner and once more before bedtime. At least 20 minutes before eating, drinking coffee, brushing your teeth or smoking.

Eat what you like, preferably lots of fatty foods and sweet things. I am sure you will have lots of ideas. Just eat as much as you can.

It is important to flood the body with as many calories as possible. Of course, it is quite normal for your weight to increase over these two days. However, in order for the diet to be a success, these two days are critically important.

The Diet Phase

Continue taking the activator as indicated for the loading phase.

This is your dietary plan:

Our clients confirmed that they were hardly ever hungry, but did experience some cravings, despite the low caloric intake from the food. Our clients believed that the activator contributed to that. During the metabolic diet, stored deposits of fat are dissolved which in turn supply the body with energy.

For readers who prefer to lose body fat as quickly as possible (and I think most of you want that) note, that if you forego the fruit and the cracker/grissini as snacks, you will have better results. By saving these extra calories the body will burn off more stored fat instead.

For the same reason those who want to see fast results should not use skin care products and creams that contain animal and vegetable fats or oils because some of these ingredients will be absorbed by the skin.


Please note the quantities indicated when using alternative types of protein so as to guarantee enough protein. Please also note that some of the alternative sources of protein mentioned may have significantly more fat and/or carbohydrates than the approved protein on p.12, which means more calories, thus slowing down weight loss.

In the recipe section you will find ideas on how to prepare delicious meals.

For packed meals, choose dishes that are easy to take with you and which can be eaten cold (e.g. tuna with tomatoes).

In restaurants it is usually possible to order a piece of grilled meat or fish and a bowl of salad seasoned with herbs and vinegar.

When invited to a friend’s house it is a good idea to speak to your host about your diet beforehand. But it will be noticed anyway!

Role of Micronutrients

Micronutrients, e.g. vitamins, minerals and trace elements, are of essential importance to our health. Since you provide your body with less fuel during the metabolic diet and therefore fewer nutrients (because, after all, you want to reduce body fat) and because due to the fat loss your requirements are even higher, it is of utmost importance to supplement with micronutrients.

A lack of micronutrients is often the reason for a susceptibility to infection and other illnesses. An optimal supply of micronutrients can protect you from this. Of course, in theory, it is possible to provide your body with sufficient nutrients if a healthy lifestyle and nutritionally rich diet are guaranteed. However, who nowadays is able to provide their body with first class, freshly harvested, natural, unprocessed foods and furthermore is able to avoid all the negative influences such as environmental pollutants? As a matter of fact, as negative environmental influences increase, the quality of our nutrition takes a nosedive. Our foodstuff actually contains fewer and fewer nutrients. For example, bananas in 1996 had 45 % fewer nutrients than back in 1985. The research of two-time Nobel Prize winner, Professor Linus Pauling, showed that people from the Stone Age had 300 % more micronutrients in their diet than what is recommended today by the German Association of Nutrition (DGE) and it is scientifically proven that over half the German population never receives the recommended amount.

People who live stress free and away from harmful environmental influences, who do not smoke or drink alcohol, who exercise regularly and eat 5 daily portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish three times a week and lean game once a week, who abstain from sugar, too much salt and fat, who live on a quiet island far away from any pollution, these people will likely not experience the diseases associated with modern day living.

The majority of my clients have reported having had excellent experiences with the first class supplements from Lifeplus (for source of supply see page 154).

Lifeplus products are outstanding, high quality supplements manufactured by cold processing the finest, natural raw materials, thus ensuring that the potency of the enzymes and vitamins is retained. (Heat would destroy their potency and reduce their nutritional benefits). Furthermore, these products do not contain synthetic fillers as binders. Instead Lifeplus uses a formula made from special herbs, phytonutrients, co-factors, plant enzymes and more than 30 different fruits and vegetables which synergistically assist the body’s assimilation of the products’ active ingredients. Furthermore, their products contain no artificial additives such as colourants, preservatives, fragrances or flavours (source:

Should you use different products, the following regime has been tried and tested:

Organic sulphur in the morning and in the evening. Take 1 scoop with still water together with a binder such as Chlorella.

Omega-3 fatty acids according to instructions. 1-2 capsules in the morning and in the evening.

Vitamins and antioxidants as per the instructions

PH tablets or powder as per the instructions 3 x day after meals.

Duration of the diet phase

For you to have lasting success with the diet, you must follow the diet instructions rigorously for a minimum of 21 days.

Should you cheat during this period, e.g. eating food that is not on the approved list, simply extend the diet by three days for each day you cheated.

If you can foresee that you will reach your desired weight before the 21 days are over and do not wish to lose any more body fat, simply increase the quantity of food but still only consume the foods that are approved.

If you wish to lose more body fat, then just extend the low calorie phase. However, you should take a break after six weeks at the latest, unless your doctor gives you the go ahead for a longer diet phase (see FAQs on page 149).


It does not matter how you start but how you finish.

The Stabilisation Phase

During the stabilisation phase your new set point, your new weight, will be established. This phase is just as important as the low calorie phase. The stabilisation phase begins right after the diet phase and takes 21 days. This way the “yo-yo” effect is by all accounts prevented.

Now you no longer take the activator but eat just as before for another two days until the effect of the activator has declined.

Weigh yourself on the morning of the third day. This is your new set point which is supposed to be maintained until the end of the stabilisation phase. Small fluctuations of 2 lbs or so are perfectly normal.

Now there are only 19 days left. The activator no longer has any effect. This is why your body now needs to be provided with the necessary fuel from food. Do not eat a low calorie diet anymore. Feelings of hunger will return. Watch your weight. Do not continue losing weight as now you would lose muscle. However, keeping your nutritional plan from the diet phase as a basic structure, you can now increase the amount of protein and also incorporate other healthy proteins (e.g. dairy products, eggs, nuts, legumes). You can also eat more fruit now. Add first class cold pressed oils (e.g. olive oil, linseed oil) to your daily diet. Sugar, floury and processed foods are still a no-no. Also, continue to stay away from carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta and rice. The same applies for alcoholic beverages. Monitor yourself carefully to see when your body does not tolerate a certain food and then avoid it.

In the recipe section, you will also find ideas and recipes to prepare delicious meals for yourself during the stabilisation phase.

In order to guarantee success with your weight loss, we recommend you keep taking nutritional supplements while eating a healthy diet.

The test phase

In the test phase the main focus is on keeping off the weight you have lost and not falling back into old habits.

During the next 6 months you are encouraged to test more and more items from your personal food choices. Add new foods to your diet and observe exactly how your body reacts to them. Keep your weight in check. You should not stray more than 5 lbs/2-3 kg from your set-point.

At first include more vegetables into your daily diet then add more fruit. Different types of bread, potatoes, rice and pasta can now be added as nutritional components. Later on, you may wish to try your favorite “dietary vices” like chocolate, ice cream, cake…).

We recommend for your own good that you keep taking basic nutritional supplements.

Now what’s next?

Try not to stray from your (new) habits learned from the metabolic diet. Do not return to your old and unhealthy lifestyle because you have accomplished a lot. Stick to your new lifestyle and your new weight while observing a few important principles:

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids (3-1/2pts/2 l per day minimum) preferably non-carbonated water

Keep your sugar intake low

Avoid unhealthy fats

Make sure you provide your body with sufficient essential fatty acids

Watch your salt consumption

Eat lots of fresh vegetables, salads and fruit

Eat sufficient high quality protein

Reduce your consumption of ready-made meals

Get regular exercise

Avoid “poisons” like nicotine and alcohol

Get enough sleep

Avoid stress or make sure to compensate for it

An optimal supply of micronutrients from nutritional supplements can be very beneficial for your health, wellbeing and performance.

Note: Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for natural and healthy food. Your nutrition is the basis of your health. But, in all honesty, who manages to always keep up a healthy way of eating? It is about supplementing a preferably balanced diet with a specific and ongoing supply of excellent micronutrients.

Take care of yourself and watch your weight!


1 portion (1 oz) 30 g of aspartame free protein powder made with water

Mid morning snack

1 piece of fruit if desired, max. 3-1/2 oz/100 g.

Only if really necessary


4-1/4 oz/120 g of protein, cooked weight, with vegetables or salad as much as you like

Afternoon snack

1 piece of fruit if desired, max. 3-1/2 oz/110 g.

Only if really necessary


4 oz/110 g of protein, cooked weight, with vegetables or salad as much as you want


Wasa cracker – max. 1/day or Grissini – max. 2/day


At least 3-1/2 pts/2 l

You prepare your meals from the following foods


Meat: fillet, steak, beef, lean hamburger meat, roast beef, chicken breast, veal, lean pork, turkey breast and turkey escalope. Fish and seafood: gilthead, pike, halibut, flounder, sole, cod, perch, tuna in water, shrimps, prawns, mussels, squid rings, lobster and crab.

Prepare everything with as little fat as possible, remove any skin and visible fat before preparation. Do not use fat or oil for cooking. E.g. prepare meat on a grill.


Cauliflower, Broccoli, white mushrooms, Belgian endives, Chinese cabbage (Bok choy), kale, white and red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, fennel, spring onions, lettuce, iceberg salad, rocket, Swiss chard, bell pepper, leek, radish, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, sauerkraut, asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, celery, onions and courgettes.

Everything should be as fresh as possible, frozen vegetables can also be used.

Fruits Only if absolutely necessary

Sour apples, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, pears, blackberries, nectarines, pomegranates, blueberries, redcurrants, cherries, tangerines, mangoes, passion fruit, peaches, plums, cranberries and gooseberries.

Please eat them while as fresh as possible



Rock salt (Himalayan salt), pepper, mustard powder, garlic, basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram etc. vinegar/balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard (without sugar), soy sauce, sambal olek, tabasco, wasabi, cinnamon, lemon juice and stevia to sweeten.


Still water (at least 3-1/2 pts / 2 l per day), coffee black (max. 1 tsp. milk per cup if necessary) and tea (black, green, mate or herbal).