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Off darkness... ebook

Anne Kari B. Solstad

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Anne Kari B Solstad is a Norwegian lady and a brand new author. This book: Off darkness...2-in-1, as 2 into a Trilogy. Channelled via her father on The Other Side, as messages from the Universe! They are going tired of our way of living, and are sending us messages and guides to get us back on track! Lots of us have these thoughts, in 2014, still not accepted. Exciting stuff! And lots to think about! The RED LINE is The Death doesn’t exist! We all have lived lots of lives earlier and shall live many more! Read- and think! The 3rd. book: for ever- in the Light Will, due to the Universe, come in 2015. "Exiting and important! Millions through out the world do need to read this book." Monica Johansen, Norway. Exciting!" As a Christian I am shocked Read it!" Lisbeth Morud. Norway. "Very exiting! We have been brain-washed! Read this book!" Mette , Aalborg, Denmark

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Book 1+2

In Norwegian




In Danish

Ud af mørket


In English

Off darkness




Book 3

In English

Forever –in the Light





This book, written on the way out of the deepest darkness of my life, is dedicated to all of you out there who feel YOUR life, may stop! Just here. Just now!

It is light in the tunnel!

Here is hope!

It is just the strongest ones among us, who are undergoing these trials and tribulations, and we will be even stronger in the other end; the weak ones will not be tested!

This was a lesson in this life and a message about we shall be workers, helpers for those who are weaker than us, to see the Light!

Believe me, I have been there. Just at the bottom!

Translated of the author, with assistance of the Universe!

I was translating the book in Danish, and had a break, a walk with my dog.

Suddenly a white piece of paper was hanging into the air, straight in front of my nose. One word was printed: DARKNESS…

The book’s title –in English!

Wow, in English! Well, this has to wait until I have money to pay a translator, I did think.

Some time passed.

The book is translated in Danish, and is ready in Norwegian. One night I had a strange dream. A hand, my hand, and BESIDE, a SHADOW-hand – a ghost-hand, was writing in English, a sentence of a chapter! OH! The Universe wanted to put speed on the English translation, AND WOULD ASSIST ME! I am not this capable in English, or in grammar, not at all. But, the Universe is the Boss, I have to obey! The dream didn’t come back: Understood!

All who use a PC do know how to set up a PC; you do select a standard language. My PC is; of course, in Norwegian.

And the standard language shows in a tiny display below the screen.

When I translated to Danish, I had a problem: Below all words red marks appeared, and a message: Here are so many errors, that they can’t be corrected!

Therefore I did think English to be a huge problem!

Well, I begun, but no one red mark appeared! Strange!

So I discovered: The standard language WAS SWITCHED INTO ENGLISH, not by me, I don’t even know where this button is! The UNIVERSE had decided to assist me, and had switched the language!

Now I have translated, assisted of the Universe, and if here still is some printing errors, don’t blame the Universe, blame me!

In spite of these errors and maybe, some not very good English, I am convinced about you will understand the Message, and hopefully get some exiting hours by reading!

At last, but not least, I would LOVE to get your comments to my mail, both good and bad! [email protected]

I would like to have the comments in my 3rd book.


Anne Kari B Solstad


This book is not heavy!

It is not important. What important is that the Messages from the Universe reach YOU!

Some messages from the Other Side are texts from the Bible sent to me by my dad and is rendered in "italic". Other messages are chapters about our way of living, and advices FOR our way of living; wanted of the Universe.

I have been told I shall convey messages from the Universe.

The book is partly channelled, but the messages are “translated” in my way of writing.

I do touch some themes several times during my writing.

It looks like coming into a room through different doors. Some times the room is like a street crossing: You must through this and out through another door to go further on.

I am only a Messenger. Therefore the book is written in an ordinary language, so you, just ordinary people will understand!

Now I see why I had to go all that way down there. I was forced to sit down, to learn, to make experiences, to listen to what the Universe want to convey, to communicate through me.

All texts are not translated. Only the parts as directly concern to the message.

After “Darkness- at high noon” was in the Norwegian marked as a little test, I got lots of comments. A couple of clairvoyant peoples said it was “a bit easy to read”

Well, so I have touched the centre! A 10! The book SHALL be easy to read because none ordinary peoples manage to read a book needed to be read twice or more to be understood.

I wish all of you some hours of joy and, I do hope your brain will have some to work on!

Anne Kari B. Solstad



I have these thoughts myself, but I thought I was nuts!

This is an important book.

I do hope you can sell lots!

This book has been an important support in a hard time in my life.

Exciting dreams!

I have had some myself, but I took it to be just nonsenses.

4 comments have shown me these to be important books!



Darkness-at high noon.

Chapter 1 First message.

Chapter 2 The Other Side.

Chapter 3 Darkness.

Chapter 4 Angels on duty.

Chapter 5 A little bit of history.

Chapter 6 Part of The Universe.

Chapter 7 Spiritual awakening.

Chapter 8 Communications with The Other Side.

Chapter 9 Fourth message.

Chapter 10 Alternative treatment.

Chapter 11 Faith, convictions, spiritualities.

Chapter 12 Past lives.

Chapter 13 Karma.

Chapter 14 The Bible.

Chapter 15 The sower.

Chapter 16 New insights.

Chapter 17 Faith in past lives.

Chapter 18 Mighty powers.


Further on- In the Light

Part 1. The humans and the Universe.

Chapter 19 Introduction.

Chapter 20 Return to the faith.

Chapter 21 Psalm.

Chapter 22 Prayer.

Chapter 23 Universal Love.

Chapter 24 The Universe doesn’t fails

Part 2. The Humans in between.

Chapter 25 We are all created free…

Chapter 26 The Maya Calendar.

Chapter 27 A new start.

Chapter 28 To live is a risk.

Chapter 29 Anxiety.

Chapter 30 Dreams.

Chapter 31 The Death- and the Sorrow.

Chapter 32 The young doubter.

Chapter 33 Loneliness.

Chapter 34 Health.

Chapter 35 Hate- revenge.

Chapter 36 Good and evil days.

Chapter 37 Christmas preparations.

Chapter 38 The Cradle.

Chapter 39 Criticism.

Chapter 40 The Lode- star.

Chapter 41 Intrinsic value.

Chapter 42 The envy.

Chapter 43 New hope.

Chapter 44 New dreams.

Chapter 45 To success- or not.

Chapter 46 About happiness.

Chapter 47 Abuse.

Chapter 48 Cleaning.

Chapter 49 About age.

Chapter 50 Caring and love.

Chapter 51 About to mob.

Chapter 52 To be a victim.

Chapter 53 Self-importance.

Chapter 54 Forgiveness- peace.

Chapter 55 To judge.

Chapter 56 To worry.

Chapter 57 Guts!

Chapter 58 To be a model.

Chapter 59 Drugs and violence.

Chapter 60 Relationship.

Chapter 61 Illness, an imbalance.

Chapter 62 Trauma.

Chapter 63 Doubts and believing.

Chapter 64 Our mission in life.

Chapter 65 Real friendship.

Chapter 66 To be lost.

Chapter 67 To be.

Chapter 68 Our Universal Decision.

Chapter 69 – up on the hills..

Chapter 70 Confirmation.

Chapter 71 Finish.

Chapter 72 Thanks.

Messages from

The Universe.

1.Darkness-at high noon.

Chapter 1.

First Message.

This is the 1st message as did come to me:

Come to me all who are heavy loaded, and I will give you rest.

This is easy to understand, and good to know!

This is 2.nd message.

… if you are walking through the valley of the Shadow of Death, don’t fear, because I am with you ….

I knew it was in the book of Psalms.

Here I had to turn up the Bible on the web to find the whole text.

This is the translation from 2011.

23 A Psalm of David,

The Lord is my shepherd,

I don’t lack anything.

2 He makes me lie down in green pastures:

he leads me to the water where I can find rest.

3 He gives me a new life,

he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

4 Though I should walk through the valley of death, I don’t fear any evil,

for you are with me,

your rod and your staff,

comfort me.

5 You prepare a table in front of me

just in front of my enemies,

thou ointment my head with oil,

My cup overflows.

6 Only goodness and mercy

shall follow me all my days,

and I shall dwell in the house of God

all time.

"Shadow of Death Valley" can be translated with dark periods in life!

Chapter 2

The Other Side.

If I had written this 30 years ago I would probably been locked in, and somebody would thrown the key away!

This way to solve “problems” has finished, but it is lots and lots who get medicines to force “fantasies” away, because the doctor don’t understand, or WILL not understand.

It is a lot of children as well, having contact with The Other Side, but they don’t dare to talk about it, and are getting afraid of this stuff they don’t understand.

This I know from parents who don’t know how to handle this. This is strange people, who without any reason are stopping me, and do start talking…

In fact, it is not fantasies!

The Other Side has for many, many years tried to establish connection. They are deeply worried about our way of living, and are trying to send us signals, as, as far, are not understood!

They want to assist, but have, as far, been rejected Persons who dare to attach themselves to this source are named hysterical, high-strung, and a lot have ended as psychical patients.

They are not believed when they tell about their experiences, their talks/dialogues with those who have passed away.

Clairvoyant persons have been/ are still talked about in a bad way. Exceptions from this were Marcello Haugen and Anne Elisabeth Westerlund in Norway.

Princess Mârtha Louise of Norway is brave!

She gave all of us alternative persons a face when she on TV told she is in contact with angels and persons who have passed over.

TV-shows as “ Power of Spirits, The Other Side” and “From Soul to Soul” on Norwegian television has highly paid attention to this theme, but it is still a long way to go until it is fully accepted to talk about!

To me this is normal!

I do notice very soon the attitude when I talk about this. Some are laughing, a bit embarrassed, some are totally rejecting, but lots are very grateful: Oh, I did think I was crazy! Thanks! Wonderful to meet another person who has the same thoughts as me!

No, we are not crazy. We are selected, as Messengers of a Universal Love!

Chapter 3.


A dark and foggy autumn-morning.

I became awake after a 10hour long sleeping, total exhausted, and would like to be under my blankets, for ever!

Into my heart, into my mind total darkness ruled, and in this condition I had been for a long time.

I was “down” due to side-effects of antibiotics, and had been physical ill for a long time.

I went into the shower and sent a little prayer about to be allowed disappear from this bad life! Just as a good friend of mine: He went into the bathroom, but did never come out, alive!

Suddenly I heard a ROAR in my head!

My father: NO!!! Contemporary it was a feeling of ICE downwards my back under the hot shower-water.

The ice-feeling is my father’s signature from The Other Side.

I was so frightened that I almost dropped out of the shower-cabinet.

I got a picture in my head.

A COVER to a NEW book! This!

This year, 2011, had been a nightmare.

I was “down for counting” and quite irritated every morning when I became awake and discovered I still was on planet Earth!

My children had asked me to write my biography. This proved to be a good therapy.

This biography is in total 900 pages. At this moment on CD only. Book? I do think just my family will pay interest to this.

My father has told me I shall write 5 books. 5?

Well, the biography is 2 books.

This new one is no.3.

Two books remain, but I haven’t any idea about what they shall be about!

A voice came out of nowhere:” I am Benjamin.”

On a screen in my head I did see “2012”.


I got “goose-skin” all over…

I didn’t like this at all, but coincidental I was quite relaxed.

I was selected as a Messenger. For who? About what?

Well, until 2012 a piece of time still remains.

I have been alternative in mind all my life.

I was a sole child until I was 5 years old. I had none playing mates. This was not a problem. I had a brother, named Rolf. He was just at my size, but INVISIBLE to all other! I had several small girl-friends of same kind as well. Real enough to me but invisible for all others.

I enjoyed chatting with them!

This was a big problem to my mother.

When I started in school, these friends disappeared.

I didn’t need them anymore.

I had a lot of strange thoughts.

I didn’t talk about these thoughts. Maybe I understood this stuff wasn’t usual to children at 7–8 years of age?

On this time,-50s, nobody cared about what children said or thought. It wasn’t any to care about!

So it was!

Chapter 4.

Angels on duty.

I was always having a feeling of being protected.

I will tell you some episodes showing how my angels have guarded me through my life.

The most of you have seen the picture of two children by a steep edge with an angel behind?

Don’t believe you are alone in this world!

All of you have an angel on duty! One or several.

They can be visible or only BE THERE.

They will choose the form they want to.

Do know! All of you have someone protecting you, ever! and nothing does happen without a reason behind.

It may looks like without any reason just at that moment.

Everything has a reason, but because we are humans, we don’t have the pattern, we are just a part of it.

The winter I went to confirmation-preparation in the church, we had a week into a skiing area in the mountains.

There was nice skiing in sunny days, good food for dinners and nice eves by the fire.

One day we had a quite long trip and the others in the group want to go to the top of a little mountain. I had got a little blister on my heel. It would be more than long enough to go back to the cottages.

Ok. I remain here, and will walk a bit around.

The others climbed the top.

Back again, one asked: Who was the tall man in the white suit? But I couldn’t see any skies?

Nobody has been here, I answered.

It was an angel…

January 1962.

My parents, my sister and I visited my parents-in-law for dinner a Saturday eve because of the engagement. This was the first time my mother to see them.

Late eve, and we had to return back home.

My mother had forgotten her gloves, and had to go back into the house to pick them up.

Reaching the corner of the house, we heard a crash.

A drunken man had crashed his car into our car.

If we had gone straight to the car, we had been seated into the car at the crash-moment!

These minutes were 2 minutes needed to pick up the gloves….

Angels on duty.

The winter 1975 we rented a cottage in Haukeli Mountains.

One of our daughters was 5 years old.

The weather turned to snow-storm, and skiing became impossible. To make us a difference, we-she and I- went down to the main road cleared from snow. The fuel-station had a cafe, and we want to buy sweets. The bar was down, so the road was closed and the parking place in front of the café was filled up with trucks waiting for assistance to drive the mountain-road in convoy. We went at left side, approx. 200 meters to go to the entrance of the parking-place.

Suddenly, the bar goes up and the huge snowplough machine came driving at full speed!

Towards us!

I didn’t remember what happened next My mind went into black!

I found myself and my daughter, nice placed on the top of the snow bank along the road. To climb up was impossible. And there were no tracks!

If the snowplough had thrown us away, we had been killed!

Our angels were on duty!

The 4.of May 1984 was a Friday. I have picked up my bike after a needed spring-service, I thought…

Down-hill roads to my work in the morning at 0715.

Good speed, as usual.

I should use the breaks, to turn into a little narrow road. I used both the breaks, none of them worked! I used the foot-break, so hard that the wire was broken. Then it was top speed downwards!

Lots of cars, on their way to work…

I didn’t manage the curve and drove straight into the main road.

A truck had stopped, and prevented the cars behind to drive, because the driver saw a crazy biker at full speed! And thought: This will end very badly!

And it did!

The left pedal scratched the stones in the middle of the road, and I was thrown off the bike, through the air, and hit the ground with a CLASH! No helmet!

I didn’t recognize I did hit the street. My soul had left my body!

My angels worked overtime!

It was not my time to leave!

My angels made this to a little accident only, because

they knew my task in this life!

I didn’t know.

I was into a soft darkness. I did hear sounds, not voices. I was not unconscious.

Several years after this I did read the book of the Finnish author Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen: “Death don’t exist”

I recognized myself: I had been in that tunnel!

Far away I heard a siren, and was draaawn back to TIME. I saw many faces above me, and a voice asked me about I could move my legs. No problem. I “biked” with both legs in the air, but my right thumb was strange, destroyed! And there was a lot of blood, my blood in the road. On a stretcher with sirens on to the hospital.

At that time, I did fall unconscious.

I became awake when a nurse started cutting my hair off! I said STOPPPP!

The remaining part of this story doesn’t fit here.

France 1998.

On a bike holyday, on my own, in France, summer 1998 I had a strange experience.

I did bike between and through mountains and narrow valleys. Narrow tunnels without lights. After some tough hills and through the last tunnel I did need a break and a nice cup of cappuccino.

I found a resting-place with table and bench of stone, picked up my gasoline-kitchen, and my little coffee pot A little red car stopped close by. A Belgian couple with a little daughter. Could they be allowed to have a cup of coffee at the same table? Of course! We had a nice talk using a bit of French and a bit of English. The girl was busy with some drawings.

She gave the drawing to me before leaving.

She had drawn me, on bike, WITH AN ANGEL on the back-seat! I got ICE-feeling downwards my back!

I knew the angel was with me, but SHE HAD SEEN HIM/HER!

Since I was 13 years old I had work after school, carrying telegrams. Telefaxes and computers didn’t exist that time.

The eves were dark, but the messages had to be brought out, at once.

I was never afraid darkness. I always felt safe.

Someone protected me!

Chapter 5.

A bit of history.

We wrote year 2000.

Lots of discussions long time before, about the computer-systems would manage the change to 2000 etc.

We watched this event – changing from one millennium to another, once in lifetime for all of us, with fireworks-and parties- all over the world!

Nothing did happen! Everything was working perfectly! We went into a new millennium, and it was one thousand years since last time, and lots and lots had changed!

One thousand years ago the Vikings ravaged the costs along and the Christianity was a brand new religion.

At the starting point the Vikings were youngsters who would show they had grown up, made some heroic deeds, and taken some souvenirs back home.

It became much more than this!

The plundering of The Monastery of Lindisfarne in year 793 is counted as the starting point of The Viking Period. The Vikings became frightened through out all Europe.

They plundered, killed, raped and burned, but those violent men were quite normal humans back home, and brought huge treasures from monasteries, churches and castles! The Swedish Vikings went eastwards. The Danes went southwards. The Norwegian Vikings went westwards, to England, Shetland, Hjaltland (nowadays Orkney), Scotland and downwards to Ireland.

The Norwegians came to Island because of Erich the Red had to escape from Norway due to he became an outlaw, due to a kill.

Due to same reason he escaped from Island- and discovered Greenland.

His son, Leiv Erickson, discovered North America 500 years before Columbus!

We have reached the modern time. We have been as modern that we have forgotten from where we in origin do come from!

We have forgotten we are a specie been on the planet Earth about.4 mill. years only, and during this time we have almost managed to destroy the planet!

Not strange Mother Earth is trying to shake these troublesome creeps off, who don’t respect any, by earthquakes, avalanches, floods, fires, plagues.

As comparison, the dinosaurs reigned here for more than 100 MILLION years!

Very, very long time ago, a little changing did happen in the DNA, and made us split up from the apes, and developed to brand new specie: The human.

About the same time one more changing did happen: Very short and easy told; One “branch” became Neanderthals, the other “branch” us: They did live coincidental, but didn’t know about each other before several thousands years after.

The Neanderthals have another kind of brain. They were missing the forehead patches: the part make us to learn new things.

They had instincts, in same way as animals, they didn’t need to learn. They just needed to be reminded of what the earlier generations had learned/reminded.

Therefore they couldn’t survive in a world developing, rapidly.

The human specie has a brain which can learn, rapidly. According to the Bible the life started in the Garden of Eden, which can has been situated in the bay of Persia, between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris.

According to new research Man Kind, as we know as Human Beings, occurred in Central-Africa about 160 000 years ago, as dark brown.

(It is not sure this is correct later on. Maybe the scientists have found out some else!)

The colour was a protection against a warm sun!

Gradually, through the year-thousands, the humans walked northwards, through The Garden of Eden, where there on that time was lots of fruits and fresh water, to Asia, and further on to Europe. The first peoples reached Scandinavia about 10 000–12 000 ago.

While the humans walked northwards, and the sun became less burning, the need of a protecting colour became reduced. Their skin changed towards a lighter colour to support their organs with sufficient sun to survive.

We have, not many years ago, got a theory about the humans have occurred in the Universe! That extraterrestrial creatures/ aliens with extremely high intelligence have been on Earth, arrived in chariots of fire, on different places on Earth, mated with women….. Hmmm

The humans lived in caves and under cliffs, and learned tricks all time to survive in a rough climate. They went fishing and hunting, collected plants, fruits, roots and herbs. They made fire by rubbing two pieces of wood fast and hard against each other, and they saved the tiny remaining fire throughout the nights to next morning. We have caves in the mountain slopes with leftovers of fish and crabs more than 6000 years old in Lofoten in Norway.

I have been there and seen this myself.

They lived the coastline along and became dependent of moving on the water. They made fleets, small boats, the first ones was only one single trunk. This was carved out to make a seat for one person plus some cargo.

Later on they built bigger boats, and at last, boats with sails which could be loaded with many persons and cargo. After thousands of years they built the Viking ships which were the best ships ever in their part of the world.

Without regard to how primitive those humans were, they paid respect to a power, bigger than them selves! Today, we are close to loose this respect!

We do believe all can be bought for money!

Lots of humans don’t believe in a life after this, and they are totally convinced about we don’t have lived many lives before this!

Most humans do believe everything is random. They can not be more wrong! Nothing is random!

Largely, it is decided how long you will live, from conception to death.

There are lots of shortcuts during the journey, where we are using our free will, but the main road, your destination in the Universe, you can not change! Every life on planet Earth is a grade in the School of Eternity.

This theme I will return to in the next chapter.

Chapter 6

Part of the Universe.

The Universe/God has decided how long you shall live, and nobody can re-examine this!

Humans, who choose to finish their own life, will return, and live this life to the end decided by the Universe, with the tasks decided for this life, to make the experiences decided for this life.

You can not drop out of the 5th grade, and go further on in the 6th! You have to complete the grade. Easy and completely logical.

When this life is finished, and you and your soul have acquired greater wisdom, you will pass over to another and higher dimension.

The death doesn’t exist, another reality only!

If you haven’t understood this in this life, you will return, and have to make the grade once more. You are failed!

Of course here are lots of humans who don’t believe in what the Universe, all time is trying to tell them. They FAIL, and have to go the same grade, once and once and once again!

We do develop ourselves all the time. Therefore many humans do need more time, but we are all time, on our road, ahead!

A friend of mine said some wise words:

We must expect some bad goals, but the main thing is we do move ahead!

I don’t know how many times I have failed, but I know I don’t fail next time! Why?

Because I have understood what the Universe is telling me, and this I am now trying to bring forth. This is vital for us and planet Earth, which we are living ON and OF. What is the Universe trying to tell us?

That the Universe is PURE ENERGY AND LOVE That we are not alone in the Universe.

That the Universe shall be in BALANCE, but because of aggressive behaviour of the Human specie, the balance is missing!

That the Universe are going to loose the patience due to this.

That we are on the rock bottom place on the ranking-list regarding intelligence.

We do kill each other. We have to stop!

We do kill animals, just for joy, and eradicate species. We have to stop!

We do eradicate plants, forests, which are the lunges of the Earth. We have to stop!

We do destroy the Earth by pollution.

We have to stop!

We are trying to send testing spacecrafts to other planets, we, who don’t believe in UFOs!

That the soul is ETERNAL AND IMMORTAL, and can move itself to any place in the Universe, take any form as wanted.

In the reality, we can say we are never born.

We have moved to Earth and materialized into a body.

Because we are never born, we will never die!

We do move into another dimension, and all time we will remain in development as Spiritual Beings!