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The truth is always better than a lie. You have to remember all the details of the lie whereas the truth follows you around until you have need of it. James Clover, like all true warriors, not only wants peace but will always seek out the truth. No matter where it leads, or how powerful the people are, who don't want you to see it.

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Joseph P Hradisky Jr


A James Clover Mystery - Book 2

I owe all my writing inspiration to my wonderful wife, Terri. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story. I feel it is selfish to keep all my stories to myself. Have a wonderful life full of hugs and kisses. Joseph P Hradisky Jr BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich











A James Clover Mystery



Book 2



By Joseph P Hradisky Jr

About The Book


The truth is always better than a lie. You have to remember all the details of the lie whereas the truth follows you around until you have need of it. James Clover, like all true warriors, not only wants peace but will always seek out the truth. No matter where it leads, or how powerful the people are, who don’t want you to see it.



I owe all my writing inspiration to my wonderful wife, Terri.


I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story. I feel it is selfish to keep all my stories to myself. Have a wonderful life full of hugs and kisses.



Joseph P Hradisky Jr



This is a work of fiction. The names of the characters represent no one living or dead. The names of the places are real. Check them out.



This is the property of Joseph P Hradisky Jr. All rights are reserved.



The darkness was almost complete with there being a new moon in the sky. Starlight was the only radiance which would have made the night completely dark. Somewhere, in the back woods of Newfield, New York; a lone figure sat in an Adirondack chair. To his right there was a small table where a steaming cup of coffee sat. Only for a moment as he turned a page in the folder he was holding. Then he picked up the cup to sip as he read the next page. In front of him was a small fire pit. Very little light came from it, but you could feel the heat coming from it. This was accomplished by the sound of a fan which was almost too soft to hear. Almost like a pellet stove for the outdoors. He was about to set the coffee cup down when he spoke.


“Really?” James Clover smiled as he sipped his coffee again. “Knew you were standing there 7 minutes ago. Was just waiting to see what you were going to do.”


Another man walked up to stand next to James for a moment before sitting down in the nearby chair. “Tricia said you were out here. She said she wasn’t sure why, but it seemed important. What’s up?”


James quietly thought for a moment as he sipped some more coffee. “Very interesting reading here.” He said as he held up the folder he was looking at.


Prime looked at the folder for a moment before recognition appeared in his eyes. “Thought that had been lost.”


“Not really, just forgotten for a moment with all that has happened in the past month. Besides you had a reason to bring this to me and not call me to your office. Which leads to the most important question before I finish reading the assignment.”


Prime waited several seconds for James to go on. When he didn’t he asked. “And that is?”


“Why?” James said before setting his coffee cup down. “In reality there isn’t much out of the normal here, but you still came to me. So why is that?”


Prime shrugged before saying. “We need to go inside to discuss this any further. I don’t think it is safe out here to be talking right now. Do you think it is safe?”


As Prime started to get up James motioned for him to sit back down. “No need. Remember I am a paranoid bastard. The walls have been up since I got out here. This stuff is so volcanic I had no choice but to.”


This time it was Prime who asked the question. “Why?”


“From what I have read so far this could change the face of the entire nation as a whole. In fact the whole Democratic process could be put into jeopardy.”


“That is why I had to bring it to you. In fact, until I reached you at the camp, I was being followed by several vehicles. None of which I could identify.” Prime sat back down to stare out into the dark woods.


“Which brings us back to the why. Why did you bring me this assignment?”


Prime didn’t move, or say anything, for a very long time. James just sat waiting for him when he was ready. “The folder is far more sensitive than you know right now. (Another long pause) A close friend brought me this folder. Said he had been researching the information for a very long time. Close to twenty years he said. (Prime sat for a while not talking – whatever was going on it was a difficult subject, so James waited) We talked for at least four hours before he left me the folder.”


Prime stood up. This time he began to pace. Clearly the agitation could be seen in his body and movements. “At first I was pretty leery of what the folder contained but the more I thought about it the more it seemed to make sense. Yet the real merit, for the folder, came two days later.”


Prime stopped moving to stand looking down at James. There seemed to be a deep sadness flowing from Prime’s whole body. A very deep, painful, sadness. “I was getting breakfast when there came a knock on my door…”


“So you decided not to come to the safe house to stay permanently?” James interrupted.


“No, too much going on with you young ones right now. Maybe after this situation is taken care of we might. She has been pestering me to join in on the fun. At least when Tricia, and you, are not around.”


James smiled.


“So I carefully went to the door because I was not expecting anyone. Especially the person I found standing there. He was constantly looking over his shoulder as though he were being followed. When I opened the door he basically dove inside…”




William (Prime) Henry immediately recognized the man. It had been a while since they last met but it had not been a good parting of ways. Point of fact they had almost killed each other before being separated by the police. “Last person I expected to see at my door.”


William held out his hand to help the man up. “So what vile reason you have for being here Fontaine Davenport?”


Fontaine took Prime’s hand and got off the floor. Ignoring Prime he looked quickly out the window. “How safe is your place?”


Prime started to laugh but stopped when he suddenly realized Fontaine was being real. “There have been problems but none I couldn’t handle.”


Fontaine was a weasely sort of man, he stood three inches over six foot, was not bald because he shaved his head like all the skin heads were wont to do. His basalt colored eyes made him look almost like a giant rat. Last Prime knew he was the third highest ranked member of the National Nazi Party here in the United States. Current rumors said he may even be the leader. In fact he had run for President three times since Prime had met him.


It was after the third time, which had lead to the confrontation between them. Prime had been assigned to investigate Fontaine. In the process, of the investigation, he had learned two things. First, the assignment was bogus which pissed Prime off so badly this is what lead to the creation of the organization. Second, despite having proven Fontaine innocent, he hated the man for his attitude and goals. But in the end Prime had to admit the man was more honest than those who had employed him.


“So why are you here?” Prime asked him.


“Believe it, or not, you are the only person I can trust.” Fontaine moved away from the doorway to a place he could not be seen from. From either the door or the windows nearby. After making sure he was safe he looked at Prime. “We have had our differences but that is the past. Right now I don’t think I have a future.”


Prime waited for the man to gather his thoughts without interrupting. Finally Fontaine went on. “As much as I would love to change this country there is one thing, item, for which I would never change. Even members of my own party do not realize this. I would never change the voting process unless it was to make it better.”


“So what is the problem then?” Prime didn’t want to admit it but the strange manner this man was acting in made him realize there was a bigger problem going on here. “Just to let you know there is a strong security detail around here.”


Fontaine shook his head in the negative. “It will not be enough. This is way bigger than you and me.”


Then for almost eight hours Fontaine told Prime what he knew. By the time he was done Prime had no problem believing what Fontaine was saying. In fact, if he didn’t know better, it was as if his friend, and Fontaine, had gotten together to create the story. But there was no way this could be possible.




“So how substantial is this information? Clearly there is a strong basis coming from two different sources. Yet I get the feeling you are still leaving something out.”


Prime had been pacing again as he told of the encounter. He stopped in front of James but did not look at him. Instead he looked out into the dark woods. “Even with all the information being backed by two completely different sources I sat on the file. Definitely longer than I should have. I still had reservations on the validity. Then, after deciding this needed to be looked into, I went in search of my friend. Could not find him. Then I went in search of Fontaine. Again I could not find him. Didn’t like this so I sent six of my best agents to track them down. Three for each one. Three weeks later they disappeared. Soon after that I received a phone call with the person telling me to stop looking for them.”


James smiled at those words. “Can’t imagine what you did?”


“What do you think I did?” Prime challenged his best agent.


“You would have done the same thing I would have done. I would have traced the call by any means to locate where the call came from. Then I would have gone to the location to look it over and wait. If nothing showed in a week then I would have gone into the place and gathered what information I could. Especially fingerprints. Run all the information to see what comes of it. Then, piece by piece, I would either eliminate candidates or assemble a list of suspects.”


James stood up. “Once all the data was set I would send out a herring to see what bites. Once I do I would set the hook and send a message of my own. Threaten me again and all of you will die without any mercy.” James looked at Prime. “Well?”


Prime laughed. “No one should ever doubt why you are my best agent. That is exactly what I did.”


Prime began pacing around the chairs. Shortly he turned back to James. “The only problem was the target. Before I could get close enough he committed suicide. And the trail, I needed to follow, went very cold very quickly with a lot of dead bodies turning up. Inside the folder you will find the one last lead I had no chance to follow up on. I think it will be the best place for you to start where I left off. Whoever is behind this is very powerful.”


“I do have one request before I get started.”


Prime did not like the thought. “What?”


“I need 48 hours to do a little varmint control; do you have a problem with this?”


“Do I have a problem?” Prime laughed at this. “You know who is going to have the problem, right?”


James didn’t respond for several minutes. “I will let her know what my plan is and how she is going to be my back up in case anything goes wrong. She will understand.”


“Than we have a battle to get ready for.” Prime looked one last time into the dark woods. “I will gather the others to get them read into the situation so we can start making plans for the next move. Everything will be based on what you find. Good luck.” Prime left.


James sat back down to finish going through the folder. ‘Very interesting reading’ he thought to himself.



Tricia sat on top of James as he played with her nipples. She wasn’t moving but was using her kegel muscles to play with his hard cock buried deeply in her. Other than that she didn’t move. A few more seconds she allowed him to play with her breasts before she pulled them away as she stopped her work down below.


James waited for her to start back up. When she did not he tried to, but she didn’t let him get anywhere. “What?”


“When have you decided you were going to tell me?” Tricia wiggled her but for emphasis. “Well?”


“Certainly not in the middle of some great sex.” James smiled at her attempt to pout. “Besides nothing is really set in stone until we talk to your Dad at dinner tonight.”


Tricia clenched her muscles again. She could see the shiver of pleasure run through him. Then she waited. James could be a very stubborn man, but she had far more patience than he could ever imagine. Besides she was in total control.


James waited for her to start moving again. When she didn’t he tried to get something going but was again shut down completely. He was about to say something when he took hold of her left arm. This he yanked on as he spun to his right. Before she knew what was happening James had Tricia pinned to the bed with him still deeply inside her.


“So you thought you could get me to talk by holding out on me.” James smiled as he slowly pulled out. Just when he was almost out he slammed his hard shaft all the way back in. Then waited. “So as you put it, well?”


Tricia laughed at her husband. “You are just so funny.” Then she squeezed her kegel muscles as hard as she could. This brought a gasp of pain from James. Quickly she moved to be again on top.


James smiled at her. “Nice move.”


“So are you going to tell me or not?”


“Or not…”


Tricia leaned over to bite his right nipple. She could feel him wince in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “Why not?”


James became a little more serious. “For the simple reason I am still going over the details in my head. Still not satisfied with the situation. When I figure out all the scenarios so no one gets hurt than I will be ready to talk. I might not even be ready to tell Prime until tomorrow or the next day.”


“That bad?” Tricia leaned over to kiss the nipple she had just bit. Slowly she licked circles around it before moving on to the left nipple. As she was circling the hard nub she could hear a sigh of satisfaction coming from him. Now, feeling really bad she was trying to rush him, Tricia began moving on his hard shaft. Part of the problem with holding out was feeling him inside her but not moving.


Finally, thought James, just before he grabbed hold of her bobbing breast. First he put his hands under so the breasts would slap down on his palms as she moved. This didn’t last too long as he wanted more. So much more. Quickly he moved his hands so he could massage her sweet breasts. It wasn’t long before his fingers were making ever decreasing circles down to her hard nubs. These he took into his fingers.


First he did nothing as he watched her nipples get pulled tight as she went up. James let this go on for a few seconds before he pulled her down so he could suck her nipples, and as much of her breasts, he could get into his hungry mouth. He was on his way to her left nipple when she took hold of his face so she could kiss him. Very hard. Very deeply. This time she did not stop moving. For a variety of reasons. The most important being she was right on the edge and needed release so badly she could taste it. And forget pardoning the pun.


Less than a minute later James could feel her hot juices flowing down his shaft to his sack. He tried to hold back but found he was not able to. Soon he was pumping his own hot liquid deeply into her just before she collapsed on top of him. James held her close as they slowly regained some reasonable sense of how to breathe. As their breathing became closer to normal their lips found each other. By the time they stopped they had to catch their breath again.


A few minutes later they were sound asleep in each others arms with him still inside her. More than once, while they slept, Tricia sighed in satisfaction over him still being semi hard enough to stay in her. By the time the dinner bell went off they were up and making love again. As soon as they stopped shaking from their mutual orgasm they showered before joining the others at the dinner table.




Two men, in heavy night camouflage, watched as Prime, and James Clover, talk around a fire pit. The first man, standing a little over five-seven might have weighed all of 200 pounds, carefully watched their target. The second man, a thin weasel like creature, could barely stand still.


For the most part the first man ignored the weasel. Finally he turned to him. “What is your problem?”


Weasel looked as if was about ready to explode. “You. What are you waiting for?”


The first man ignored the weasel as he again studied the two men. What was he waiting for? Everything would just about cover the question. He had a nagging feeling something just wasn’t right here. His inner voice screamed he was not being provided all the information he needed. Even if it was on a need to know basis he had the need to know.


“Do you think they can see us?” The weasel was getting very restless. “D….”


“Do not say my name. No but the one pacing is feeling us. Every time he stops and looks into the woods he is looking right at us. He knows they are being watched.” D finally turned his attention to the weasel. “Time to go. Whatever the reason for the hit is it will not be tonight. There is something you are not telling me.”


The weasel almost screamed his anger at the first man. “You can’t. You were hired to do a job so do it.”


D ignored the weasel and started walking away. Suddenly a hand tried to turn him around. D didn’t resist so he could see what weasel man wanted. Nor did he seem all that surprised the weasel had a gun pointing at him. In fact it looked as though D had been expecting this.


“Really?” D said.


“You were hired to do a job so do it. If you don’t then I am authorized to terminate you so we can get someone in here who has the balls to get the job done.”


D started to turn away again when he suddenly reversed direction. Swiftly he grabbed the weasel by the throat to slam him into the nearest tree. A second later he had the weasel disarmed. D glared at the pathetic man’s attempt to get away. “I had thought as much. There is something very wrong with this operation. In fact I even have a clue as to who the targets were. Which means you are trying to run an operation above the law. Not happening.”


D slammed the weasel against the tree twice more before releasing him. The foul man dropped to the ground but not for long as he jumped to his feet. “Do you think I am the only person here? I have a dozen more men waiting to take you down if you didn’t fulfill the assignment.”


D turned around, smiled, and then took his cell phone out. A few seconds later he turned the cell so the weasel could see what was on the screen. “You mean these dozen men?”


A look of shock froze the weasel’s face. In the picture he saw his team of a dozen men. They were lying on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs as well as their legs. Standing over them were four soldiers the weasel had never seen before. He was about to say something when D interrupted his thought.


“Didn’t think I would be more prepared than you? Which leads to the next question: Who are you working for and why do you want those two dead?” D put his cell away to stare at the weasel. “Well?”


The weasel started to say something when he reached into his pocket. He shouldn’t have been so slow. D grabbed the man’s hand to haul it out to see what he was trying to do. In the man’s hand was a tiny purple pill. D took the pill, got out a small evidence container, and put the pill safely into it. Then he did a thorough search of the man. Finding nothing else he again grabbed the man to slam him against the nearest tree.


“So … if you didn’t succeed in killing me you were to take your own life. I have no desire to search your mouth but if you are stupid enough in having a suicide pill there then good luck and use it.” D quickly turned the man around to zip tie his hands and feet. “Now it is time to take you to a place where I can make sure you will not cause any more problems.”


“You do know they will try to find me?” The weasel whined as D slung him over his shoulder.


“You really think so? Me, I really hope they do then I can start tracking down the asshole who tried to get me to do an illegal hit.” D was laughing as he said this. “In fact I will not hide what I am doing or where I am taking you. You should think about that fact very carefully. And I do mean very carefully.”


D unslung the weasel long enough to tape his mouth shut. Once this was secure he put the ratty man back onto his shoulder and left the woods heading to his headquarters. He already knew the rest of the team was enroute to there. 




As usual, the new usual that is once the secret was let out, Gloria Stevens was sitting at the head of the table with William, Prime, Henry. On Prime's right was Tricia followed by James. Tonight there were only eight people. On Gloria’s left was Elizabeth, Terry Swan, Olivia Benson, and Graham Winston.


Outside the usual dinner talk nothing important was said, or could be said, until the after dinner coffee, and desert, was served. As soon as this occurred Prime turned to James. “I would say well but it seems my impatient daughter beat me to it. In fact she thought she could torture the information out of you.” Prime, and James, smiled while Tricia’s face turned red.


“She did try.” James acknowledged. “But I didn’t have it all set in my head or I would have told her. Especially if it took a long time for her to torture me over it.”


“Whatever…” Tricia said as her face became very hot.


James leaned over to kiss her before turning his attention back to Prime. “The truth of the matter I wasn’t sure I would have anything solid for tonight to go over with you. But, in the few minutes I was allowed to sleep (Tricia studied her coffee cup very closely, so she didn’t have to look at anyone), the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Once this happened then it was very clear how simple the operation should proceed.”


James stood up to move to the nearest wall. Once there he spoke. “Map…”


In seconds the wall became a large map. The focus was on a small peninsula on the eastern side of Cayuga Lake. James pointed to the short landmass. “This is the peninsula known as Mile Point. Expand…”


The map went in closer to the point while going to a satellite view. James point to a medium sized cabin under the small stand of trees. “As you can see this is not what it seems to be. This is just an entrance to our compound there. From the cabin you take a flight of stairs down to the tunnel entrance. This tunnel runs under the railroad tracks, the swamp, and a little way under the hill. By the standard of the safe house the compound is fairly small. This is where I am going to do a little fishing to see what takes the bait.”


James spent the next 90 minutes outlining his plan as well as all the possible problems which could occur. With the things, which could go wrong, he laid out the contingency plans to deal with them. When he finished he looked around the room. “Well?”


For a moment nothing happened before Prime started laughing. “So you really intend to go into the target business and tell them you know what they are doing? Then, while they are calling for their lawyer, you are going to tell them you are going fishing at Mile point to kill time till you meet an informant at midnight.”


“That pretty much sums it up. Except the fishing part. I won’t come out and tell them directly but make sure they overhear about the trip. Since Terry will be with me there will be a constant sub chatter of the fishing trip. This will make it as realistic as possible.”


Prime looked over at Terry. “You good with this?”


Terry shook his head in affirmation. “The beauty of it all is we will be actually fishing."


“Why?” Elizabeth asked him.


Terry was about to answer when Olivia did. “Are you kidding? One thing I have learned is this – the men here will try to go fishing as much as possible – almost as much as working an assignment. Outside of sex they will be in orgasmic heaven if they could combine fishing with an assignment.”


All the men, at the table, laughed at what she was saying but not one denied it was the truth. In fact the top 3 in their choice of fun topics was as follows, in the exact order, first it was sex, this was narrowly followed by taking down bad people or organizations, and the last to top the trinity was going fishing. Most of the men were still trying to figure out a great way of combining all three but, as of yet, have not been able to do so.


James looked around the table one more time. “Anything else … even if it doesn’t seem to be that important … (James looked directly at Prime) … well?”


Tricia looked from James to Prime. “What is going on here?”


Neither Prime, or James, made an attempt to answer her. This fact irritated her. “James?”


James smiled. “Maybe you should be asking your father. He has something to say, or should say, but is not saying. Just saying.”


Tricia almost took a bite out of him for the verbiage before she turned her attention to her father. “Well Dad? You always do say not to withhold even the smallest detail … so give it up.”


Prime smiled at his daughter. He could handle ignoring James’ question but not hers. “Do remember when I asked if it was safe by the fire?”


“I remember, why?”


“Did you realize we were being watched?” Prime thought he had a chance at surprising James. This was short lived.


“Seriously? There were two of them. Whatever the reason why they were there was different for each one.”


It was Prime who was surprised. “How do you get that?”


“Just before you went inside something was going on between them. After you left I was able to get a better idea as they began to make too much noise. Well, at least, too much noise for those trained not to make so much noise.” James looked around the table. “I am thinking it was a hit. So person A, the hit man, did not like the operation so was calling it off to get better Intel. The other person, B, did not like this idea and wanted the job done. I have an idea B even tried to force the issue.”


“How could you tell that?” Elizabeth asked.


"First came the click of a round being chambered. This was followed quickly by a body being slammed into a tree several times. After this the sound of a weapon being thrown somewhere into the woods. All very discernable sounds for those who know them.” James stood up to pace the floor. “I can imagine the A person thought he was being set up, called the B person on it, didn’t like the response so he neutralized the B person so he could get somewhere to find out what the hell was going on. I know I would if I had been in the same situation…”


“So you always question what you see?” Elizabeth had learned a lot since joining the organization. But found there was still a lot she was still finding out.


“Yes. I love watching a magician. In a way I use them as training for my job.”


“How?” Elizabeth asked. This was the one thing James had come to admire in her. She was always pursuing knowledge. Was always asking questions.