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Kalyn Haykal



This is a great book for anyone who needs a quick reference on spotting emotional discusses the various types of abusive men the how and why of it all in brief and straight to the point helpful guide of warning also includes a self-check list of questions you should ask yourself for clearer understanding...

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100 Ways to Spot Emotional Abuse

By Kalyn Haykal

Table of Contents
The Truths:
The Signs:
Actions: What will he do?
Questions you should ask yourself
Consequences: Effects on the Victim

Fragments, 100 ways to spot emotional abuseKalyn Haykal

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Author: Kalyn HaykalContact Data (Beirut,Lebanon)

ISBN: 978-3-95849-719-1



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To my loving HUSBAND who is fiercely determined never to give up on me

To my MOM who showered me with my first books

And last but not least to my SISTER and every other amazing woman out there whose love drained her mercilessly.... You are the reason for this book


Here we go......



“Don't let others define you or they might pick the worst word in the dictionary.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

"You survived the abuse. You're going to survive the recovery."   ―Anonymous 


What is emotional abuse?

Having had my share of abusive relationships, I was inspired to write about the signs that make a relationship unhealthy and destructive.

Today we are talking about abusive men.  

Emotional abuse can happen in any relationship with anyone, but it can be hard and embarrassing to discuss if it is your partner.It can cripple all you are meant to be as you allow something untrue to define you, it's not that simple to come out and say that your partner is harming you in any way, it's much easier to defend him because of your feelings for him, besides you might be blaming yourself for the abuse because there has to be a reason right?

Well here it is... YOU ARE NOT THE REASON

When someone attacks you verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically, it means they are feeling out-of-control in their own life and have a need to control someone to feel powerful again. That Insecurity doesn't have anything to do with the person being abused. Abusive behavior is set on a loop and keeps being repeated until the abuser feels more self-confident which is why some people are abusive their whole lives.

The abuser projects their words, attitudes or actions onto an unsuspecting victim usually because they themselves have not dealt with wounds that are now causing them to harm others.

The Truths:

What makes an abuser?

Understanding why?

The Truths and Myths about what makes an abuser....

1.Truth The concept of love eludes him, he considers abuse proof of love

2.Myth Abusive behavior is  an affliction or poor impulse control

3.Truth Abuse is a CHOICE

4.Myth Abusiveness has to do with psychological problems